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Mercedes and Mastercard to offer in car payments

Mercedes Benz has announced a new partnership with Mastercard to offer in-car payments with Mercedes Pay+, customer will be able to pay for their fuel with a fingerprint sensor in their car.

This is being rolled out in Germany first and it will be available at around 3,600 service stations in Germany, it is expected top be made available in more countries in the future, you can see more information below.

Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany can now start the fuelling process directly from their vehicle and pay digitally by fingerprint. Eliminating the need to enter a PIN or authenticate via mobile device, drivers can now leverage convenient payments to enhance the in-vehicle experience. The native in-car payment service Mercedes pay+[1] will turn the car into a payment device. The fingerprint sensor integrated into the MBUX infotainment system enables biometric two-factor authentication[2]. Digital payments at service stations using the fingerprint sensor will be possible with Mastercard debit and credit cards in current Mercedes-Benz models[3].

Fingerprint payment authorization at a gas station represents the first use case for native in-car payments at the point of sale, in addition to Mercedes-Benz as the world’s first automaker to integrate Mastercard’s Secure Card on File for Commerce platform into the car. This technology allows for transaction data to be encrypted using uniquely assigned cryptograms,[4] in turn protecting sensitive payment information.

You can find out more details about this new partnership between Mercedes Benz and Mastercard over at the Mercedes Benz website at the link below.

Source Mercedes Benz

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