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Matthew Piazza’s Obituary, Who Is Matthew Piazza’s & How Did He Died?

Tully, New York gave birth on February 25, 1988 to an extraordinary American hero that would come to represent the spirit and dedication of American valor and dedication: Major Matthew. With unfaltering patriotism and profound bravery emblazoned across his character and demeanor – from off the battlefield through small town life all the way into becoming one of our nation’s leading Logistician Officers for our Army ranks – Major Matthew is remembered by all he came into contact with with remarkable fondness by both those he encountered along his journey.

Major Matthew’s path into military service was driven by his deep patriotism and desire for meaningful impactful, from early days excelling in sports through representing the U.S. in Junior Olympic Games he excelled. From there his dedication was transformed into serving his nation by attending Virginia Military Institute, before ultimately commissioning in 2011 into U.S. Army as Major Matthew displayed the passion he felt towards its values which propelled his distinguished career path.

Major Matthew’s contributions to both his military career and community can only be described as immense. From supporting Special Forces operations and leading critical military missions – like Afghanistan 2014 deployment or leading NATO exercises across Eastern Europe – to his kindness, genuine care for others, and ability to create profound and enduring relationships, Major Matthew left an indelible mark that transcended his professional achievements.

What Awards Did Major Matthew Receive for His Bravery?

In recognition of Major Matthew’s outstanding service in Afghanistan, numerous unit and individual awards were bestowed upon him, the Bronze Star being one of them and truly reflecting his bravery under difficult conditions – further solidifying him as an American hero!

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Place of Major Matthew’s Celebration of Life

To pay our respects to Major Matthew and acknowledge his incredible life achievements, on August 5th 2023 we organized his Celebration of Life event at Heugas Alpine (Song Mountain) in Tully, NY. Bringing friends, family and comrades together again allowed them to remember him with fondness as we paid homage to his positive influences in their hearts as well as across America.

How Are People Remembering Major Matthew?

His legacy will always be remembered fondly as one of courage, kindness and unfaltering patriotism – qualities which were remembered not just because of his military prowess but for all that joy he brought into peoples’ lives both personally and collectively. Major Matthew’s life continues to provide inspiration in terms of passion pursuit with determination; serving communities kindly while cherishing loved ones deeply – his memory serves as an enduring inspiration that encourages individuals to embody his values – making his legacy an evergreen source of hope and patriotism!


Major Matthew’s life story serves as an unforgettable testament to the sacrifices military personnel make on behalf of their communities and families, along with their enormous positive effects. From Tully, NY, he rose through the ranks to become a respected officer in the U.S. Army – his story an inspiring demonstration of service excellence, patriotism, courage, dedication and pursuit of greatness for greater good – always held dear by family, friends and communities around him. Remembering Major Matthew encourages all of us to live purposeful lives that honor their legacy by living life purposefully while serving with heart – remembering those who gave their all for our nations.

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