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Marantz Stereo 70S Hi-Fi receiver unveiled

Marantz has unveiled its latest stereo Hi-Fi receiver, the Marantz Stereo 70S, the company is celebrating 70 years with a new range of home audio products, more information is below.

Marantz, an industry-leading audio brand, continues its 70-year legacy of creating luxury sound experiences with the introduction of the all-new STEREO 70s 2-Channel Hi-Fi Receiver. Designed to perform like a full-sized amplifier, the slim and distinguished design of the STEREO 70s elevates any home and is matched by the signature warm, rich, and detailed sound enthusiasts and luxury indulgers have come to expect from Marantz.

Marantz Stereo 70S

STEREO 70s features the premium craftsmanship and timeless style of Marantz while integrating the latest in audio technology to deliver the ultimate home listening experience, including:

  • Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs), developed to dramatically outperform traditional chip-based op-amps found in conventional audio products to ensure the Most Musical Sound.
  • The bold performance and sound quality of a full-size amplifier from a space-saving compact 11cm tall chassis that fits where conventional components cannot. Connect up to two loudspeaker pairs, which can be played separately or together.\
  • Six HDMI inputs including three that are 8K compatible, and an HDMI output that supports ARC, to ensure connectivity with current and future video and gaming components.
  • Compatibility with 192kHz 24-bit digital audio and DSD files, providing enthusiasts with access to the most precise high-resolution digital decoding available.
  • HEOS® Built-In technology that enables users to access their favourite streaming content and enjoy music throughout the home when connected to other HEOS-enabled devices.

You can find out more details about tyhe new Marantz Stereo 70S receiver over at Marantz at the link below, it comes in two colors, opulent black and silver-gold and it will retail for €1,000 in Europe and £900 in the UK.

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