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Make AI music, lyrics, sound effects and speech with Suno AI

If you are interested in learning how to transform text into songs and music or make special effects or synthesizing speech using AI tools you may be interested in a new AI model available to use on Discord. Suno AI models has been specifically designed to enable creatives and developers to generate hyper-realistic speech, music and sound effects, “powering personalized, interactive and fun experiences across gaming, social media, entertainment and more” say it’s creators.

Suno AI, is currently in its beta release stage of development and is available to use on Discord. It is designed to empower creatives and developers, enabling them to generate hyper-realistic speech, music, and sound effects. This has the potential to power personalized, interactive, and fun experiences across various platforms, including gaming, social media, entertainment, and more.

This groundbreaking AI music tool that can generate songs from scratch, including writing lyrics, creating the beat, and recording the voice. This innovative tool is available for a free trial at, and can also be accessed via Discord, a popular communication platform. The basic plan is free and provides 250 credits per month, with each song generated costing 10 credits. This allows users to experiment with the tool and explore its capabilities without any financial commitment.

How to create music with Suno AI

Watch the video below kindly created by Future Tech Pilot  for an overview of how you can use Suno to easily make songs, lyrics and music using this new AI technology. When using Suno AI on Discord, users can generate songs either publicly or privately by sending a direct message to the bot. The process is straightforward: users input the style of music and lyrics or a subject for the bot to generate lyrics about. The bot then uses this information to generate a unique song, known as a ‘chirp’

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Create different AI music styles

The tool allows for experimentation with different music styles and subjects, providing two versions of each song generated. This gives users the freedom to explore various musical genres and themes, fostering creativity and innovation. Moreover, users can continue a song for several verses after it’s generated, and the tool can put the entire song together at no extra cost. This feature allows for the creation of longer, more complex compositions.

However, it’s important to note that the quality of songs generated by Suno AI can be hit or miss. The tool is still in its early stages of development, and while it has shown great potential, it may not always produce satisfactory results. Some ‘chirps’ may not meet the user’s expectations in terms of quality or creativity. However, with continued use and experimentation, users can learn to harness the tool’s capabilities more effectively.

Suno AI Pricing

In terms of pricing, Suno AI offers a free trial and subscription plans. The free trial allows users to test the tool and get a feel for its capabilities. After the trial period, users can choose to subscribe to a plan that best suits their needs. The basic plan is free and provides 250 credits per month, with each song generated costing 10 credits. This makes Suno AI an affordable option for creatives and developers looking to experiment with AI-generated music.

Suno AI is a promising tool that is pushing the boundaries of music creation. It offers a unique platform for creatives and developers to generate hyper-realistic speech, music, and sound effects. While it is still in its beta release stage of development, and the quality of its output can vary, it offers a unique opportunity for experimentation and creativity. With its free trial and subscription plans, it is accessible to a wide range of users. As it continues to evolve and improve, it is expected to play a significant role in the future of music and sound creation.

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