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MagPi magazine issue 134 features new Raspberry Pi 5 mini PC

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The latest issue of The MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, has unveiled a comprehensive special on the new Raspberry Pi 5 mini PC. This edition offers an in-depth look at the specifications, components, features, and design of the Raspberry Pi 5, along with exclusive interviews with the engineering team.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has offered subscribers of The MagPi and HackSpace magazines the opportunity to pre-order the Raspberry Pi 5 boards. This priority boarding initiative allows print subscribers to be among the first to purchase the new Raspberry Pi 5.

Raspberry Pi 5 mini PC

The Raspberry Pi 5 represents a significant advancement in features and performance. It is equipped with a 2.4GHz ARM CPU housed in a new BCM2712 Broadcom chip, making it up to three times faster than its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 4. The introduction of a new Raspberry Pi RP1 chip takes over most of the I/O, creating room for a host of new features.

“We’ve got a huge Raspberry Pi 5 special in this month’s edition of The MagPi. We’ve dug deep into the specifications of Raspberry Pi 5, looking at all the new components, features and design. Plus in-depth interviews with the engineering team. Pick up your issue today!”

Raspberry Pi 5 mini PC

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These features include a power button, Dual DSI/CSI sockets, a Raspberry Pi connector for PCIe, and an upcoming HAT to offer super-fast M.2 drive storage. The Raspberry Pi 5 also boasts a real-time clock with a battery connector and a custom power management chip. Accompanying these enhancements are new accessories such as a redesigned Raspberry Pi Case with a fan, an Active Cooler attachment, and PoE and M.2 HATs that are set to be released soon.

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MagPi magazine issue 134

Issue 134 of The MagPi magazine also features an exclusive interview with James Adams, CTO (Hardware), and Alasdair Allan (Head of Documentation). They delve into the details of the new RP1 chip and its significance in the Raspberry Pi 5. They also discuss the new Raspberry Pi connector for PCIe and M.2 implementations and provide an in-depth explanation of the new power chip. The feature provides a deep dive into the Raspberry Pi 5 hardware, explaining the rationale behind its design.

The Raspberry Pi community continues to impress with its innovative projects. One such project highlighted in the magazine is the Canute 360, the world’s first multi-line Braille reader, developed by Bristol Braille and powered by Raspberry Pi Zero. This groundbreaking device can generate entire paragraphs of copy and convert a Terminal window into Braille for non- and partially-sighted people, marking a significant improvement over traditional Braille devices.

The latest issue of The MagPi magazine offers a comprehensive look at the new Raspberry Pi 5 mini PC, its features, and the innovative projects it powers. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the latest advancements in Raspberry Pi technology.

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