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LG Magnit Micro LED TV teams up with B&O

LG has announced a new partnership with B&O for the new LG Magnit Micro LED TV, the new TV has been combined with the Bang & Olufsen flagship Beolab 90 speakers to provide an immersive viewing experience.

With a sleek, modern design and vivid, ultra-sharp Micro LED picture quality, LG MAGNIT delivers the ultimate in viewing pleasure. Its 136-inch, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), 120Hz-refresh-rate screen is great for watching movies, TV shows and sporting events – and for admiring artworks – in the privacy of one’s home. By combining the performance of Micro LED with convenient features that enhance content enjoyment, LG has created a unique display for those who demand the very best.

LG Magnit Micro LED TV

While the quality and size of images shown on LG MAGNIT are sure to captivate, so too will the display’s elegant, minimalist design. LG’s Micro LED solution for the home has a bezel-less screen for immersive viewing experience, and has a sturdy, stylish aluminum frame with a brushed metal finish that complements any interior décor or color scheme. Likewise, the Media Box, which serves as a controller for LG MAGNIT and shares the display’s luxurious yet understated aesthetic, harmonizes beautifully with the surrounding environment.

You can find out more details about this new partnership between LG and B&O and the LG Magnit Micro LED TV over at the LG website at the link below, as yet there are no details on pricing.

Source LG

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