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Leaked live images show the Pixel 9 series

Leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming Pixel 9 series of phones have been heating up, and this latest batch of leaked images just made them red hot. According to a new report, we have some leaked live images of the upcoming Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL. This further confirms the new Bender-style camera bump and overall rounder aesthetic.

We are still several months away from the actual launch of these devices, but the plethora of leaks we’ve been getting is leaving very little to the imagination. So far, we’ve got the news that the company was going to bring a completely different aesthetic to the Pixel lineup with much flatter edges, rounded corners, and a large pill-shaped camera bump. The camera bump is the most notable part of the new design.

Along with the new design, we also got word that Google was going to be bringing back the Pixel XL model this year. The last time we saw an XL model was with the Pixel 4 XL. So, with that news, we could be looking at three different Pixel 9 models: the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL.

Leaked live images of the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL pop up

Even though these images look extremely legitimate, you’ll still want to take it with a grain of salt. In the images below, we see this phone and all its rounded glory. Many people will call this an iPhone-esque design with flat edges and a boxy design. The corners are a bit rounder than the ones we got on the Pixel 8 series and significantly rounder than those on the Pixel 7 series.

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The standout feature is the new camera bump which will remind many people of Bender from Futurama. As we prepare for the phone and the obligatory memes, we will all be wondering if the camera bump will be as significant as it looks.

Three models

In the first screenshot below, we see the three phones. Two of them are allegedly the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, (the Pixel 9 has the glossy back while the Pro has the matte back), and the other one looks like the Pixel 9 Pro XL. We see that this phone is significantly bigger than the other two.

Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (3)
Source: Rozetked

We don’t know the names of these colors, but the first one looks like a panda theme, the second looks like a standard gray theme, and the third one looks like a darker gray (the Panda one definitely looks more appealing). The second screenshot shows us the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro together.

Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (5)Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (5)
Source: Rozetked

Next, the third screenshot shows us the two smaller models from the front. In the image, we see that the pro model will have slightly smaller bezels than the base model. The difference is negligible, however.

Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (6)Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (6)
Source: Rozetked

The fourth screenshot shows us the two smaller models compared to the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 7. This puts into perspective just how different the design is compared to the previous devices. We see that the overall aesthetic is different, but the Pixel 9 devices still retain Google’s design philosophy.

Compared to the iPhone 15

The next screenshot shows a comparison between the Pixel 9 and a current iPhone. We see that both of the flat edges look rather similar. However, the Pixel 9’s edges are a little bit rounder, and the phone’s body is a little bit thinner, but the camera bump sticks out just a bit more.

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Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (1)Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (1)
Source: Rozetked

This next screenshot shows one of the models’ displays compared to one of the iPhone 15 models. However, we don’t know which.

Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (4)Pixel 9 9 Pro 9 Pro xl live images (4)
Source: Rozetked

The last two screenshots show the Pixel 9 Pro compared to the iPhone 15 Pro and the Pixel 9 Pro XL compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, respectively.

Rumored specs

When it comes to the specs for these devices, this information is still trickling in. However, we have a fair amount of details to help us paint a picture of these devices.

Starting off with the base Pixel 9 (codenamed “Tokay”), this phone may have a 6.24-inch display, 12GB of RAM, and a starting storage capacity of 128GB.

The Pixel 9 Pro (codenamed “Caiman”), could have 16GB of RAM with 128GB of base storage. The size of the display is set to be ever so slightly bigger than the base model, coming in at 6.34 inches.

Moving on to the Pixel 9 Pro XL (codenamed “Komodo”), this one won’t be notably bigger than the other two coming in at 6.73 inches. It could be rocking 16GB of RAM with a starting storage of 128GB.

All three of these models are said to have 50-megapixel main cameras,120Hz displays, Android 15 out of the box, and the Google Tensor G4. We are still in the dark about when Google is going to announce these phones, but we expect them to launch in October.

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