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Leaked Apple roadmap hints at low-end Vision Pro & AR Glasses

Apple might launch a foldable iPhone before a foldable iPad. An alleged product roadmap posted on X shows the company plans to release the phone in 2026, while the tablet would come in 2027. The roadmap also mentioned the iPhone SE 4, a low-end Vision Pro, and AR Glasses.

A low-end Apple Vision Pro might be on the way

Rumors about Apple working on foldable iPhones and iPads aren’t new. However, there are contrasting reports about their release timeline. Some say the iPhone will arrive earlier, by the end of 2026. Others say the company will first launch a foldable iPad. There are also reports saying one or both could be delayed until 2027.

While we wait for more concrete information, noted X tipster @Tech_Reve recently posted an image that allegedly shows Apple’s product roadmap for 2023-2027. The source says the roadmap comes from Samsung Securities, a financial services company under the Samsung group. We cannot vouch for the legitimacy of the information, but there are some notable takeaways here.

Firstly, Apple will launch its first OLED iPad later this month or next. There are no other major new products planned for 2024. This means the iPhone 16 series won’t bring any hardware innovation—the iPhone 15 Pro Max brought a periscope telephoto zoom camera with 5x optical zoom. The solution may expand to the Pro model this year but Apple won’t add anything new.

In 2025, the company will introduce the iPhone SE 4 with a 6.1-inch OLED display and a 48MP primary camera. Apple will also allegedly upgrade some iPhone 17 models to 12GB RAM and 48MP cameras. All three rear cameras and the selfie shooter could feature 48MP sensors. These upgrades should be accompanied by enhanced software optimization, making an already-strong iPhone camera stronger.

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Apple will follow up with a foldable iPhone in 2026. It will feature a 6-inch cover screen and an 8-inch inner display. The roadmap says we will see an OLED iPad Air in the same year. It will come in 8.4-inch and 10.9-inch models. We will also get an OLED MacBook in 14-inch and 16-inch models. The company could launch a low-end (more affordable) version of its revolutionary Vision Pro XR headset.

Apple has a foldable iPad and AR Glasses planned for 2027

In 2027, Apple plans to bring another revolutionary wearable product to the tech industry. It has AR Glasses in the pipeline. The glasses will feature 1.4-inch RGB screens with MicroOLED or MicroLED panels. 2027 will also bring the first foldable iPad from Appl, according to the leaked roadmap. The device will feature a 20-inch display. Whether the next three or four years pan out like this for Apple, only time will tell.

Leaked Apple roadmap

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