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KODY 29 is a personal cooking robot and chef

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Anyone who wants to get a hand in the kitchen to prepare food might be interested in a new personal cooking robot and assistant chef in the form of the Kitchen Idea KODY 29. It offers 21 different cooking modes and a recipe book with over 1,500 how-to recipes. The easy-to-use cooking robot also features automatic cleaning for fume-free cooking and nutritional facts about every recipe it makes. Early bird incentives are now available for the original project from around $539 or £434 (according to current exchange rates).

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a novice, the KODY 29 is the perfect kitchen assistant. It streamlines the cooking process, allowing you to prepare delicious, nutritious meals with minimal effort. Say hello to delicious homemade meals with the KODY 29! Enjoy cooking without worrying about lingering odors or sticking to the walls. covered in soot using KODY29 smoke-free technology. Our innovative system ensures that cooking oil never exceeds the smoke point, effectively preventing the formation of smoke and grease particles.”

Cooking robot

KODY 29 is an advanced cooking robot equipped with 21 distinct cooking methods and an extensive library of over 1,500 recipes. It can help you calculate nutrient values, cook a wide range of dishes, and cater to various dietary habits and flavor preferences. KODY 29 combines the expertise of a talented team From professional chefs to provide you with an unparalleled cooking experience. Our product features 10 adjustable heating levels that can simulate large, medium and small fires, among others. This allows you to easily control the heating speed and achieve the desired temperature for your dishes.”

Assuming the KODY 29 funding campaign successfully raises the required pledge target and makes manufacturing progress smoothly, shipping is expected worldwide sometime around August 2023. To learn more about KODY 29’s personal cooking project, watch the promotional video below.

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With two automatic cleaning functions, different cleaning levels, in addition to regular cleaning to maintain the interior of the main pot, but also deep cleaning to remove stubborn food residue and stubborn stains at the bottom of the pot. Special PET cleaning brush made of plastic steel, not as sharp as wire steel, and it does not easily scratch the surface of objects.But it is also more flexible and durable and can wipe off residue at a high speed in water at a constant temperature.”

Kitchen of the future

For a full list of all available private pledges, stretch goals, additional media, and technical specs for your personal cooking robot, go to the official KODY 29 crowdfunding campaign page by checking out the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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