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Is the Online Real Estate Website Ownerly Scam?

The online real estate platform Ownerly is in the headlines because of the wrong reasons and people are constantly searching about the site because some reports of Ownerly Scam have been registered to it. In this article, we’ll try to understand whether this website is genuine or not in detail with how the website works and its history. So Stay Tuned to the end.

The website presents itself as an online real estate platform for house owners where anyone can see the latest market trends and the property rates of their localities. The website helps in providing Tax information to all the house owners on their email if they make an account on the site.

It helps in doing comparisons regarding properties of any kind in your locality or the city if you are unsatisfied with your home and want to sell it in a hurry. This site has mostly all nearby listings which you access in just one click at your home and can get the best value for your asset without going anywhere.

Although most of the information the site provides is free and available publicly on the internet on other platforms, curating all this information in one place and providing you with subtlety is their primary work. It helps you in searching and provides results much faster than you will do by yourself.

Ownerly Scam:

From the last year, the news has started coming in the form of an Ownerly Scam where some of the site’s customers have made disapproving comments and talked about the failure they have faced in various transactions when they tried to register or sell, etc work on the site. They have just called the site a scam where they are looting the money of a common man and just providing nothing according to the price.

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The site owner and the customer care section have taken this seriously probably because they have replied to every negative comment regarding them across the internet sites where people are calling them a scam.

Ownerly Subscription model:

They have different offers for everyone who wants to take a subscription so that they can find the right property or want to sell their property. The site offers a free trial for everyone for just 1 dollar for one week where you will be able to access everything on the site.

The site also offers a 5-dollar model for the users if they want their report in the pdf form where you can get access to the personalized report. Once the free trial ends, you will be charged around 35 dollars for one month but you won’t need to take that subscription because your whole work will be done in a one-week free trial at just 1 dollar.

Ownerly Scam report:

People have given their reviews of the site on the most trusted site on the internet for reviewing the sites generally, Trustpilot in large numbers and have given the site one star, the least amount, where they have criticized the various aspects of the site and to which the site has also replied to some of the users.

We have attached some of the reviews of the concerned people who have given their verdict of the site on Trustpilot where we have not written word-to-word and not revealed their names, (privacy should be hidden) because of the copyright infringement whereas we have tried to make you understand their opinion of what they are trying to convey to other people who are probably thinking of taking the site subscription.

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Not Legit:

The first user whose comment is highlighted is regarding the Ownerly Scam on the Trustpilot, where the user has written about the fraudulent charges of their debit card. They have accused the site that they are stealing the data of personal cards of their consumers who take their subscriptions through the cards.

Lied regarding the half-price offer and no reports:

The second user whose comment is highlighted regarding Ownerly Scam on the Trustpilot, where the user has a complaint regarding the offer site where they were providing a 50% off offer to them when their 7-day free trial ended, they thought that it was a good offer to take, but the site has charged the full amount from the user for non-existing reports.

They questioned the morality and ethics of the site and why they give offers to customers when they have to charge the full amount from them without even informing the user regarding the amount. The user also complained about providing the proof in the form of many screenshots but the site has given an option to just one screenshot.

The website is misleading:

The third user whose comment is highlighted regarding Ownerly Scam on the Trustpilot, where the user has complained about the site sending many reports when they have just asked for the annual report and the site constantly reminds for the monthly subscription when the user isn’t interested in it and has taken the free trial.

Erroneous data:

The fourth user whose comment is highlighted regarding Ownerly Scam on the Trustpilot, where the user has reported that their own home where they have been living for more than 20 years, is being uploaded on the site from different names. The user has reported the site for providing error data where they are not verifying when a user is posting on their site.

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The user has reported to the site many times as they have written in their complaint, but the site hasn’t provided any solution to the problem whereas they are suggesting the user to take their subscription if they want their information to get down from the site. This has baffled the user because how can another person upload pictures of their private house on the site without getting verified?

Canceled but getting charged:

The fifth user whose comment is highlighted is regarding the Ownerly Scam on the Trustpilot, where the user has complained about the site that it is charging despite their cancelation. The user has taken their free trial and canceled for future transactions and didn’t want to take any monthly subscription but instead, they are being charged for that.

The user has reported this in several emails to the site but the site hasn’t responded to any of them and apparently, they are charging constantly from them regarding the monthly subscription. The user has complained about the site giving misleading information about the cancelation because they have told the user that they have canceled their subscription, instead, they are charging it till the comment got published.

To Sum Up:

Many reports suggest the online real estate platform Ownerly Scam where many users have complained and reported the site but the site doesn’t respond to many of those. If you are thinking of visiting the site just casually, we recommend you to just visit the site and not take any subscription, especially from the cards, even the free trial.


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