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iOS 17.3 settings to change after updating (Video)

Apple’s latest update, iOS 17.3, has arrived, infusing iPhones and iPads with a fresh wave of features and improvements. If you’re an Apple enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know that this update is more than just a routine tweak; it’s a substantial uplift in both aesthetics and security. Here’s a video guide from iDeviceHelp on which settings to explore and adjust to get the most out of iOS 17.3.

Dive into the Unity wallpaper collection, a new addition in iOS 17.3, offering a range of color options and an alluring blur background. If you’re wondering how to synchronize your devices, this update graciously includes a corresponding Unity watch face for the Apple Watch, compatible with watchOS 10.3. This means you can enjoy a cohesive look across your devices.

After updating, a manual refresh in the App Store is a smart move. This ensures that your apps are up to date, enhancing performance and compatibility with iOS 17.3. Don’t forget to check for carrier updates in the ‘About’ section under ‘General’ settings, crucial for optimal network performance.

A standout feature in iOS 17.3 is its stolen device protection. It prevents changes to Apple ID settings using just the device passcode, adding a robust layer of security against unauthorized access. Activating this feature post-update is a wise decision for safeguarding your device.

In addition to stolen device protection, there’s a novel security delay feature. If you try to disable the stolen device protection while away from home, expect a one-hour delay before the change takes effect. This delay is bypassed at recognized locations like your home, ensuring convenience without compromising security.

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Music lovers, rejoice! iOS 17.3 brings the ability to create collaborative playlists in Apple Music. Invite others to contribute and enjoy control over approval settings. Sharing reactions to songs with emojis adds a fun, interactive element to your music-sharing experience.

iOS 17.3 is not just about new wallpapers and watch faces; it’s a blend of significant security enhancements and social features in Apple Music. Engage with these features to fully leverage the capabilities of the latest iOS update.

As you navigate through iOS 17.3, keep in mind these tips to make the most of your updated device. Remember, staying updated with the latest software is not just about enjoying new features; it’s also about ensuring your device operates securely and efficiently. So, take a moment to explore these settings and customize your iPhone or iPad to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Source & Image Credit: iDeviceHelp

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