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Inkplate 4 TEMPERA 3.8 inch 600×600 pixel e-paper touchscreen

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If you are searching for a small e-paper touchscreen for your next project it might be worth your while checking out the new Inkplate 4 TEMPERA which is now available to purchase from the Crowd Supply website priced from $149. The Inkplate 4 TEMPERA is a compact, all-in-one e-paper device that has been making waves in the tech world.

With a 3.8-inch, 600 x 600-pixel touchscreen, this device is not only compact but also highly functional. It features frontlighting, various sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in battery, and a low-power operating mode. These features make it a versatile device that can be used in various settings.

Inkplate 4 TEMPERA features

One of the most notable aspects of the Inkplate 4 TEMPERA is its use of e-paper technology. This technology offers high contrast, daylight readability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The screens are repurposed ED038TH2 E Ink displays, saved from becoming e-waste. This is a significant step towards sustainability and e-waste reduction, as it gives new life to components that would otherwise be discarded.

The Inkplate 4 TEMPERA is powered by the ESP32 microcontroller, a powerful and versatile chip that provides the device with its computing capabilities. This microcontroller is accompanied by a 1200-mAh battery, a real-time clock, a microSD card slot, and various sensors. These components work together to provide a seamless user experience.

The device is user-friendly, requiring no complex setup or configuration. It supports Arduino and MicroPython, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The screen displays black, white, and six shades of gray, and has a resolution of 600 x 600 pixels. This provides a clear and crisp display that is easy on the eyes.

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The TEMPERA e-paper touchscreen also features a multi-point touchscreen, customizable LED frontlighting, and an eco-friendly design. Other key components include an ESP32 microcontroller with 8MB of flash and 4MB of RAM, a USB-UART CH340 converter, and a PCAL6416 GPIO expander. These components contribute to the device’s overall performance and functionality.

Inkplate 4 TEMPERA

Connectivity options for the Inkplate 4 TEMPERA e-paper touchscreen include integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, a USB Type-C port, an onboard microSD card slot, and easyC connectors. This wide range of connectivity options makes it easy to connect the device to other devices and networks.

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Inkplate 4 TEMPERA components

The device includes a BME688 sensor for environmental monitoring, an APDS-9960 gesture sensor, a LSM6DS3 gyroscope and accelerometer, and a PCF85063A real-time clock. These sensors add to the device’s capabilities, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

One of the standout features of the Inkplate 4 TEMPERA is its power management and low consumption. It has extremely low power consumption at 18 µA in low-power mode and comes with a pre-installed, 1200-mAh, Li-ion battery. This makes it an energy-efficient device that can run for extended periods without needing to be recharged.

The Inkplate 4 TEMPERA measures 3.54 x 3.27 x 0.94 inches and is available in two variants: with or without a glass panel. However, it’s worth noting that the device is available in limited quantities, with 370 units with a glass panel and 300 units without. This limited availability adds to the device’s exclusivity and appeal.

The Inkplate 4 TEMPERA is a compact, versatile, and sustainable e-paper device that offers a range of features and capabilities. Its use of e-paper technology, coupled with its user-friendly design and software support, makes it a standout device in the tech world. However, its limited availability means that interested users will need to act quickly to secure one.

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