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INFINITI launches the first episode of season 4 of their “The Makers” series – togetherbe

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INFINITI has released season 4 of their “The Makers” series. Created with INFINITI’s global lead agency, Publicis, the new season “The Makers of QX80” looks inward at the brands own makers who brought the all-new INFINITI QX80 to life.


“The Makers” series creates a stage for craftsmen who are redefining their traditional craft with new practices. The new season called “The Makers of QX80” provides an insider’s look at both the intricate details of the all-new INFINITI QX80, as well as the inspiration and process that led to its creation.

This season aims to lift the veil and give an insider’s look at the intricate details of the QX80, exploring each crucial aspect of the process. They dive into the story behind the Light Path, inspired by the lighting of a traditional Japanese ryokan. By uncovering the influence of the art of Japanese Benibana dyeing on the rich, burgundy red interior. Exploring how stunning Japanese architecture shaped the design of the dealerships that will display the QX80.

The first episode features Antonio Lopez, QX80 Chief Product Specialist. A people-person, Lopez drew on his deep understanding of customers and their needs when planning the All-New INFINITI QX80, an SUV that offers an experience that is meant to be shared. This season will include 6 episodes, to be released on a monthly cadence from April to September.

See “The Makers” here.

Antoine Malin: Manager, INFINITI Global Marketing
Publicis: Global lead agency for INFINITI
Eric Micotto: Videographer, Micotto Studios

INFINITI launches the first episode of season 4 of their “The Makers” series

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