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How to use the new ChatGPT Mentions feature for custom GPTs

OpenAI has recently rolled out a new feature to ChatGPT which changes the way you can interact with the companies artificial intelligence. Last month OpenAI launched its highly anticipated GPT Store allowing users to share custom GPT AI models with other subscribers. The new update for ChatGPT, particularly focusing on the GPT-4 model is called  ChatGPT Mentions and uses the @  symbol to allow quick access to previously used custom GPT AI models.

This update is poised to make a substantial change the way we interact with ChatGPT, aiming to enhance productivity by allowing users to integrate various text-based custom GPT AI models into a single conversation seamlessly. This development is not just a small step forward; it’s a substantial leap that promises to transform the way we work with AI.

How to use GPT Mentions

Imagine being able to switch between different AI models as easily as tagging a friend in a social media post. With the latest ChatGPT update, this is now possible. By simply using the “@” sign, users can effortlessly transition between various GPTs without the hassle of managing multiple tabs or losing their place in a conversation. This feature is a game-changer for those who rely on AI to assist with various tasks, as the most relevant AI assistant is now just a keystroke away, all within the same chat interface.

The update also introduces the concept of tailored AI expertise on demand. Each GPT model is equipped with its own specialized skills and knowledge base, making it adept at handling specific tasks such as crunching data, translating languages, or crafting creative content. This means that users can now instantly call upon the right AI for the job at hand, streamlining their workflow and minimizing interruptions.

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Combine multiple custom GPTs in a single conversation

In the past, users had to rely on a plugin system to work with multiple GPTs, which could be clunky and disjointed. The new update, however, offers a more integrated experience. Users can now incorporate an unlimited number of GPTs within a single chat, greatly improving the ability to tackle complex tasks through a unified AI interface. This seamless integration is a significant step towards a more cohesive and efficient AI-assisted workflow.

Content creators, in particular, will find this update to be of great interest. The ability to utilize different GPTs for various stages of the content creation process—from generating ideas to optimizing for search engines—can greatly improve both the quality and efficiency of their work. This collaborative approach with AI models can be a powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their content production process.

While this feature represents a significant advancement, it is still in the process of being perfected. At present, users need to have recently interacted with a GPT to integrate it smoothly into their conversation. However, developers are continuously working to refine this feature, with the goal of making these custom GPTs even more accessible and effective. The commitment to ongoing development suggests that future updates will bring even more enhancements, further improving the user experience.

The latest ChatGPT update with GPT-4 integration is reshaping the way we utilize AI in our daily tasks. The introduction of multiple specialized GPTs within a single conversation is not only streamlining workflows but also enriching the process of creating content. Although there are still some kinks to be ironed out, the direction of progress is evident. This update from OpenAI is poised to take productivity and efficiency to the next level, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of conversational AI.

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