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How to use Bing Chat and generate images using DallE 3


There are a  number of different AI tools available for conversation including ChatGPT, Perplexity, Claude 2.0, Llama 2  and more a few such as Bard and Microsoft’s Bing Chat  have the ability to search the web without any additional plugins. At its core, Microsoft is touting Bing Chat as a free-to-use personal assistant. It combines the computational prowess of OpenAI’s GPT-4 with Microsoft’s Prometheus technology.

“Project Prometheus is building faster, more efficient datacenter systems by co-designing distributed systems with new network primitives. Prometheus takes advantage of new programmable hardware to accelerate applications. We are working across the entire system stack, from applications and distributed algorithms to network design and device architecture.”

The result? A tool that doesn’t just answer your queries but offers complete, sourced, and reliable information. Bing Chat has been designed by Microsoft to provide users with a one-stop-shop for all your informational needs, whether you want to search, chat, or create content. This guide will provide more of an overview of Bing and its new AI features.

Bing Chat modes

Ease of access is one of Bing Chat’s standout features. It’s compatible with any operating system or browser, although using Microsoft Edge will allow for more extended conversations. Whether you are browsing on your phone or your Windows 11 taskbar, Bing Chat is just a click away.

Bing Chat brings versatility to the table with its three distinct conversation styles: creative, balanced, and precise. Depending on your needs, you can toggle between these modes. Creative mode helps you brainstorm ideas, balanced is perfect for everyday chatter, and precise is your go-to for specific queries. The system can handle up to 30 questions in a single conversation thread, maintaining the context throughout.

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User-friendly interface

Chatting with Bing Chat is a breeze. The platform accepts questions in various formats—short, long, or something in between. The more specific your query, the more accurate the response. You can also refine your questions in the chat and ask for follow-up information, making the experience interactive and dynamic.

Among its various utilities, Bing Chat can help you generate a grocery list. Just throw in some ideas and watch as Bing drafts a comprehensive list for you. This feature extends to other list-making tasks, such as meal planning or email drafting.

How to use Bing Chat

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For the creatively inclined, Bing Chat’s recent integration with OpenAI’s Dolly 3 has opened new doors. You can now generate images from text prompts, a feature that is revolutionizing the way designers seek inspiration and visualize their ideas.

Bing image analysis

Beyond generating images, Bing Chat can analyze them too. This functionality offers insights into an image’s content and composition. Additionally, the platform can extract text from images, a feature that comes in handy when digitizing printed material.

If you’re looking for a summary or key points from a website, Bing Chat can do that as well. Just direct it to the web content you are interested in, and it will generate a succinct overview for you.

Tracking your conversations

All your chats with Bing Chat are stored in a history log. You can rename these logs for easier reference later, allowing you to revisit past conversations and review the AI’s responses. You can even export these conversations for sharing or future reference.

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In summary, Bing Chat AI is more than just a conversational agent; it’s a versatile assistant that caters to a wide range of your digital needs. Whether you are in search of inspiration, information, or interaction, Bing Chat AI is equipped to assist you. While Bing Chat is undeniably powerful, it’s essential to approach its outputs with a critical eye. Always double-check the information and verify the work, as the tool is not infallible.

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