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How to play Sam Loc Game Like a Master in 2024

How to play Sam Loc is certainly no longer a strange concept to senior members at Nhà Cái Hi88. This is a card game with attractive principles that bring a unique and new experience to all players. Let’s find together Understand and immediately discover the unique features of this super product line.

An overview of the game Sam Loc at Hi88

Sam Loc is a game that many experts consider to be similar to the Southern game Tien Len. Super products are often held during holidays and Tet when crowds gather. Here they will use a deck of 52 cards to divide and compete together.

Along with the development of technology platforms, players can easily access Hi88’s system and experience this game series. In particular, the tutorial feature is also provided for free to help you easily grasp it How to play Sam Loc . Besides, the prize coefficient that the house provides is also considered to be much more competitive than the market.

Share the rules on  How to play Sam Loc  Hi88 2024

Each game will allow 2 to 4 members to participate and experience together. Here, the system will distribute a total of 10 cards to all players according to a random algorithm. In the first game, the person who owns the card with the smallest value will have the right to play first.

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How to arrange cardsWhat is the way to play Sam Loc?

Immediately after receiving the articles, members will proceed to arrange them into different combinations. Below are sets that you can create yourself in a game:

  • Odd cards: These are odd cards that cannot be used in combination with other combinations. Among them, 2 will have the largest value and the smallest will be 3.
  • Pair: 2 cards with the same numerical value in a game that the player owns will form a complete pair.
  • Sam: Includes three cards with the same numerical value and regardless of their suit.
  • Four of a kind: A set of four cards with the same numerical value in any game.
  • Straight: Will be made up of at least three cards with numbers that can be directly linked to each other.

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Special cases in playing Sam Loc

In each game, there will be countless situations that players need to understand. Here are some special cases you will often encounter in any battle of wits:

  • Dragon Hall is the term used to refer to members who own a hall combination with 10 cards.
  • The second quarter will have the greatest value for How to play Sam Loc  Hi88.
  • In case a member owns 10 cards of the same suit, it will be considered white.
  • Players who hold 3 combinations of Sam Co will be judged to win immediately by the Hi88 system.
  • Besides, if you own 5 pair This case will also be counted as eating white.
  • Ask the village: In case a member wants to rob something, they will ask the village. At this point, the player sitting in the back position needs to use his or her highest value cards to block them. For failed blocking situations, it is considered that members need to pay a large sum of money.
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 How to play Sam Loc  Hi88 in the most accurate detail

Through the above information, you are sure to recognize the similarities between How to play Sam Loc  with progress to the South. The rules such as the right to play cards first and blocking the opponent’s turn will not be much different.

However, when there is only one card left, the member must announce it so that other players can block him. This is the difference that makes this super game series attractive.

Sharing strategies to participate in the ultimate lottery at Hi88

Below are some playing tips to help you limit all risks as well as increase your chances of winning.

Should not be left to rot 2

For this game, all two cards will have equal value and cannot be stacked. Therefore, if you do not clearly understand this information, you will easily lose 2 and pay a large fine. Besides, because this is a card with special value, we need to be extremely careful in each turn. The more players there are in the game, the lower the chance of running 2 at the end.

Strategy from big to small

It’s easy to confirm that this is the one How to play Sam Loc  the most effective today. Your task is extremely simple: run the cards according to values ​​from large to small. In the final stage, when there are only 1 to 3 pieces left, your chances of winning will be great. Besides, in case the opponent plays a small hand, the chance of winning is considered predetermined.

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Above is some extremely useful information How to play Sam Loc  Hi88 is making waves in the online entertainment market. Everyone, please quickly access the system and register for an account to experience this super class product line.


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