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How to Fix iOS 17.4 Battery Drain

With the release of iOS 17.4, iPhone users have reported improvements in battery life, signaling a step forward in Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience. However, even with these advancements, certain settings and usage patterns can still lead to unnecessary battery drain. Drawing on expert insights and personal experiences, this video below from iReviews delves into practical strategies to maximize battery efficiency on devices running the latest iOS update.

Understanding iOS 17.4 Battery Performance

Initial observations suggest that iOS 17.4 has made commendable improvements in battery life. This enhancement is a result of both the operating system’s internal optimizations and the potential for users to adopt practices that further extend their device’s battery longevity. Let’s explore how you can leverage these improvements and mitigate battery drain with a few adjustments.

Essential Steps for Optimized Battery Life

  • Patience After Updating: Post-installation of iOS 17.4, give your device 3-5 days to integrate the update fully. It’s normal to experience a temporary decrease in battery life as the system undergoes indexing and other background processes.
  • Exiting Beta: For those who participated in the beta testing, updating to the final release version of iOS 17.4 is crucial. This ensures you’re benefiting from the latest battery optimizations that might not have been present in the beta versions.
  • App Updates: Regularly updating apps is key. Developers often release updates that are specifically designed to improve compatibility and efficiency with new iOS versions, contributing to better battery management.
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Advanced Settings for Further Efficiency

  • Managing Haptic Feedback: While haptic feedback enhances the tactile experience, it can also be a significant drain on battery life. Consider limiting this feature to essential uses only.
  • Smart Feature Usage: Innovative iOS 17.4 features, like screen distance measurement and augmented reality (AR) enhancements, offer unique functionalities but can deplete battery quickly. Disable these features if they are not in regular use.
  • Wi-Fi Over Cellular Data: Opting for Wi-Fi, especially over 5G connections, can markedly reduce power consumption, as cellular data usage is more demanding on the battery.
  • Optimizing Screen Settings: Utilize dark mode to save battery on OLED displays and reconsider the need for the back tap feature, which, while convenient, can lead to inadvertent battery usage.
  • Siri and App Management: Disabling “Hey Siri” prevents your device from perpetually listening for commands, conserving energy. Additionally, scrutinize apps that are heavy on battery usage and manage their background activity.

Debunking the App Switcher Myth

A common misconception is that frequently closing apps via the app switcher conserves battery life. This practice, however, can lead to higher power consumption as apps require more energy to restart. Understanding the correct way to manage apps can significantly aid in extending your battery’s endurance.


Adopting these strategies can drastically improve your iOS device’s battery performance under the 17.4 update. Remember, while some tips may offer immediate benefits, others require consistency and changes in usage habits to manifest significant improvements. Subscribe for more insights and tips to keep your iPhone running efficiently and to make the most out of every charge.

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Incorporating these suggestions into your daily use can transform the way your device manages power, ensuring that your battery life is optimized and that you’re getting the most out of iOS 17.4’s enhancements.

Source & Image Credit: iReviews

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