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How to Fix Battery Drain on iOS 17.2.1 (Video)

The current version of Apple’s iPhone software is iOS 17.2.1, and now we have a video that shows you how to fix the battery drain on your iPhone. for those who are experiencing it. Many have noticed a startling decrease in battery life, particularly when the phone is idle. But don’t fret! A new video from iDeviceHelp offers invaluable insights and actionable solutions to this problem. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know to reclaim your device’s battery longevity.

  1. Identifying the Culprit: The heart of the matter lies in the significant battery depletion observed in iPhones operating on iOS 17.2 or 17.21. This issue is most prominent when the phone is on standby, leaving many users perplexed and frustrated.
  2. Early Remedies: In a quest to tackle this, an earlier video outlined four critical settings adjustments. These included turning off Journal suggestions, disabling the App Privacy Report, halting tracking requests, and modifying location services. While helpful, these solutions were just the tip of the iceberg.
  3. Digging Deeper for Solutions: Persistence in research has uncovered two more settings with a profound impact on battery life. Implementing these changes could be your ticket to better battery performance.
  4. Tweaking Always On Display: The first revelation pertains to the Always On Display feature. You will be pleased to know that a simple adjustment here can yield significant results. By disabling the ‘Show Wallpaper’ option, you limit the display to essential elements like time and date, thereby conservatively using battery resources.
  5. Notification Summary Setting: The second recommendation focuses on the Scheduled Notification Summary. It may surprise you, but this feature, which organizes notifications for a specific delivery time, can be a silent battery drainer. Disabling it could be a game-changer in your battle against battery drain.
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If you are wondering how effective these tweaks are, why not try them out for yourself? The video’s creator encourages viewers to experiment with these settings and share their experiences. Additionally, useful resources and links are available in the video description, providing further guidance.

Remember, while these steps are beneficial, your mileage may vary depending on your specific usage patterns and device settings. Nevertheless, these insights offer a solid foundation for mitigating the battery drain issue on your iOS 17.2 or 17.21 iPhone. Apple is working on a new update at the moment which is in beta, iOS 17.3, we are expecting this software to be released later this month.

Source & Image Credit: iDeviceHelp

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