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How to enlarge and upscale AI art images for free

If you have created some amazing AI artwork that you would like to put on your wall. You will need to enlarge the small images that are provided by Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and OpenAI’s Dalle AI art generators. A few years ago this would have cost you a few dollars however new advancements in AI have made image upscaling services available for free.

In the digital age, the need for high-quality images is always in demand, whether for professional use or personal interest. The ability to enlarge and upscale images without losing quality is a sought-after skill and service and can be easily accomplished using a little coding in Python or using already established online upscalers.

This guide will provide more insight into how you can upscale your AI art images for free using four AI image upscalers: Pixelcut, TinyWow, DGB, and Upscale. These tools offer a solution to the challenge of how to enlarge and upscale Midjourney images for free.


Pixelcut is a versatile tool that offers a variety of features, including a free image upscaler. This online tool is user-friendly and provides a premium feature for batch upscale, which can be particularly useful for users dealing with a large number of images. The results from Pixelcut are impressive, with a significant improvement over the original image. The output images are sharper and more detailed, making it a reliable choice for image upscaling.

Upscale AI art images for free

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TinyWow, on the other hand, is a completely free online tool that offers a wide array of different tools. With over 45 PDF tools, 30+ image tools, video tools, AI writing tools, and file tools, TinyWow is a comprehensive platform for various digital needs. The image upscaler, found under image tools, provides results that are slightly better than the original image. While the improvement may not be as significant as other tools, TinyWow’s comprehensive suite of tools makes it a valuable resource.


DGB is another free online tool that is currently undergoing a revamp to enhance its speed and user appeal. Like the other tools, DGB offers an image upscaler among its variety of tools. The results from DGB are very similar to those from Pixelcut, with only minor differences. This similarity in output quality makes DGB a viable alternative to Pixelcut.


Upscayl is a unique tool in this comparison as it runs on the user’s device. This feature can make it faster in most cases, but it does require a decent PC for optimal performance. Upscale is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The results from Upscale are slightly sharper than DGB’s and Pixelcut’s, but there is a random line in the image that may appear a bit wonky. Despite this minor issue, Upscale’s performance is commendable.

The comparison of these four tools using a mid-journey image, focusing on the fur, eyes, and nose of the image, reveals that all four tools provide good results. However, Upscayl, DGB, and Pixelcut provide slightly sharper images, making them preferable choices for image upscaling. It’s also worth noting that vectorizing is not suitable for photos and images as it gives them a vector feel and can make them look weird.

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When it comes to enlarging and upscaling Midjourney images for free, Upscayl, DGB, and Pixelcut emerge as the top choices. These tools provide slightly sharper results, enhancing the quality of the upscaled images. However, the choice of tool may depend on the user’s specific needs and resources. For instance, users with a large number of images may find Pixelcut’s batch upscale feature useful, while those with a powerful PC may prefer the speed of Upscayl. Regardless of the tool chosen, the ability to upscale images using AI technology is a valuable skill in the digital age.

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