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how to choose the perfect Sherwani for your wedding day

Sherwani is one of the most popular outfit choices for grooms in Indian weddings and choosing the right wedding sherwani for the groom is an important and careful decision to make. 

For such an important day, everyone helping and groom himself wants to pick the best of the best sherwani that suits him. While picking the right one you need to be careful with a few things as it’s not just an outfit for a groom but also holds a cultural significance of the tradition. 

We made a guide to take a look at various types of sherwani which will help you to make the right decision for such an important day.

Understanding Different Sherwani Styles:

Traditional Sherwani

With its unique embroidery and classic designs, the traditional Sherwani looks sure to be remembered for days to come. This style of sherwani is first to go and the perfect choice for the groom looking for a regal and culturally rich look.

Achkan Style Sherwani

Achkan Style Sherwani is a designer blend of Indian culture and modernity. Its length is shorter than other sherwanis and with a closed neck pattern it is available in the market in many colours. Achkan style sherwani can be the first choice if you want to bring a contemporary twist to your traditional groom’s attire.

Jodhpuri Sherwani

As the name suggests it originates from Jodhpur and its local tradition. The Jodhpuri style of Sherwani is a mix of a little Western and a little Indian elements which makes it a little different from other Sherwanis. It is paired with a jacket-style top with unique buttons, making it a stylish choice for the modern groom.

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Angrakha Sherwani

Angrakha Sherwani is becoming quite popular and in the latest trend these days for its asymmetric design and overlapping panels. This Sherwani undoubtedly makes you different from the crowd and gives you an attractive look. If you want to add a touch of charm, uniqueness and flair to the groom’s attire, this should be your first choice.

Popular choices of sherwani for grooms at weddings also include Indo-Western fusion sherwani and Pakistani sherwani.

Sherwani Fabric Selection Tips

Silk Sherwani

All the sherwanis made out of silk symbolise luxury and prosperity which can be a perfect choice for your weddings. The smoothest texture of silk and its sheen adds an extra layer of charm and flair to a groom’s wedding attire that every attendee will remember for life.

Brocade Sherwani

Popular and known across the country for its raised embroidery patterns, the brocade sherwani can be a perfect choice for a traditional and grand look for any groom. The richness of the fabric makes it a favourite for grand celebrations like weddings.

Velvet Sherwani

Velvet is one of the favourite materials when it comes to attire for grand occasions. Sherwanis made out of velvet gives a luxurious and regal look. It suits perfectly for winter weddings as velvet provides warmth and makes a bold style statement with its soft, shiny finish to overall outfit.

Some trending popular fabrics are Raw Silk Sherwani, Banarasi Sherwani, and Georgette Sherwani, which bring a diverse range of textures and visual appeal to the groom’s ensemble.

Colour Coordination for Sherwani

Choosing the right colour for your sherwani on the biggest day of your life is crucial for a cohesive and visually pleasing wedding match. Red, maroon, gold and cream are somewhat traditional wedding colours and have been a favourite choice since time immemorial. You should choose colours keeping in mind the difference of seasons and coordination with the bride’s dress.

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If your wedding ceremony is in the summer season, then you can spend your day with a sherwani in refreshing and cool looking colours of light shades like stool, beige and ivory. Conversely, if your wedding is in winter, deeper tones like navy, emerald green and royal blue can give you a warm and rich feel.

When you pick colours for the wedding sherwani, consider the fact that it should compliment the bride’s attire and the matching colour combination ensures a harmonious overall look of both. 

Have an open discussion with the bride to decide colours and overall theme of the wedding. This will definitely help you to add a start in the outfit of yours. 

Body type and Sherwani selection

The one who’s looking for a polished and comfortable look on wedding day, choosing a sherwani that suits your body type is as important as picking the right colour and style to achieve that. Different body types need different styles to accentuate your figure and ensure a perfect fit, and you should consult an expert dresser to choose your outfit.

Tall Groom

If you are a tall groom, you can opt for a traditional or Jodhpuri sherwani, which adds a sense of grandeur without overpowering your height. Embroidered vertical details and patterns can further emphasise the groom’s height.

Short groom

If you are a petite bride then achkan style sherwani can look your best. You can choose these short length sherwanis, which give the illusion of height and make you look taller than you are. Vertical patterns and light colours can also contribute a lot to making you look taller.

Slim groom

For slimmer grooms, sherwanis that are not flamboyant and have minimal embellishments and patterns work well. Slim grooms should avoid overly bulky designs and instead choose a sherwani that enhances your natural shape and looks streamlined so that your wedding photos turn out gorgeous.

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Muscular groom

Muscular grooms can flaunt their physique with a well-fitted sherwani. If not today, when? Traditional and Jodhpuri styles with broad shoulders and defined cuts can enhance muscle mass. This choice of muscular groom will give him a different enthusiasm and confidence in the wedding.

Picking Sherwani for Different Wedding Functions

Each wedding function needs a differently styled Sherwani that goes well with the significance of the specific event. Whether it’s the Haldi to the grand reception, picking the perfect Sherwani for each ritual ensures you look and feel comfortable throughout the celebrations and show your dashing personality.

Haldi Ceremony Sherwani

You need to go for vibrant and light-coloured Sherwani which will compliment the spirit of the Haldi ceremony. Go for simpler and possibly minimal designs to avoid interference with the ritual.

Mehndi Ceremony Sherwani

The most popular colours for the Mehandi function are green and dark green so you can pick a Sherwani that suits the colourful atmosphere of the Mehndi ceremony. Pick vibrant and playful colours with minimal design, that goes well in general.

Post-Wedding Functions Sherwani

Selection of post-wedding functions Sherwani completely depends on Depending on the nature of post-wedding functions, Going for the balance between comfort and elegance which suits the mood of the event is highly advised.


Weddings are a big function in India and everyone wants to make the most of it, especially the groom. So when selecting the right Sherwani turns out to be a matter of picking the right fit, colours, design and fabric, it also becomes important on which ritual/function you are wearing it. 

Incorporate a personal touch and show your personality by picking the Right sherwani for the Wedding. Because it’s not just about the style, it’s about embracing that occasion and making memories that will last a lifetime.


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