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How is Horse Racing Set to Advance in the Crypto World?

Horse racing is one of the oldest spectator sports on the planet, and it continues to stay relevant in the modern age through embracing various technological advancements.

Along with the real-world offerings improving through tech advancements, there has also been a rise in virtual horse racing over the last few decades. This is getting better every year, and there are now some ingenious blockchain innovations that are set to keep horse racing at the forefront of the mainstream for many years to come.

Horse Racing Has Already Adapted to the Digital Age

Virtual horse racing has been around for a few decades now, and it has always helped satisfy horse racing fans between real-world events. There are more innovative versions of this form of the sport now as well, which help to draw even more fans in. For instance, there’s the Slingo Racing Business, which resembles a horse racing track and uses a lot of imagery from the sport. The game features elements from bingo and slots as well and is designed to appeal to players of both.

Virtual horse racing has evolved greatly over the years as well, and now there are intricate systems in place that make the games more realistic than ever. For instance, they use elements such as RNG (random number generation), but combine this with facets designed to replicate the real sport. For instance, viewers can investigate factors such as form and use this to influence their predictions of the outcome. The realism on offer now is superb as well, thanks to modern graphics engines and 4k video streaming. There’s a huge market for virtual horse racing, and it looks set to have a huge influence on Web3 as well.

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Various Crypto Ventures Offering Virtual Horse Racing

Web3 is on the way, and blockchain technology is going to play a major part in future developments. There’s vast potential for the horse racing industry to grow in new ways, with some early ventures already starting to make waves. Many of these games offer virtual horse racing designed to emulate the real thing. This includes buying, breeding, racing, and trading virtual horses, which come in the form of NFTs.

Zed Run is one of the early leaders in this emerging market, and it has inspired other NFT horse racing applications. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this simulator is so detailed that it even includes distinct horse bloodlines. There’s also DEFIHorse, which is built on the Binance Smart Chain. It offers a more fantastical approach to the sport, with a mythical world setting that’s ruled by technology corporations.

The world of blockchain horse racing has the potential to appeal to a wide demographic. In the early days, it will be dominated by crypto enthusiasts looking for the best NFTs to invest in. Later, though, it could attract virtual breeders, trainers, and spectators.

Virtual horse racing has evolved greatly, and it’s set to get bigger and better over the next few years as crypto offerings gain traction. Blockchain-based horse racing will offer a new way to enjoy the sport and will help market it to a wider demographic.


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