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Household Emergencies To Be Prepared For

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Are you prepared for an emergency in your home? Every homeowner should know exactly what to do in a range of different situations, but often people don’t know what they need to do in a home emergency. There are a few home emergencies that can occur, so being aware of what these are and what steps you need to take is hugely important. Hopefully, it’s information that you’ll never need to use, but knowing what you should do can help to provide peace of mind. Interested? Keep reading to learn about the most common household emergencies and what you should do.

Power Outage

One of the most common household emergencies is a power outage or blackout. These can be dangerous because of the lack of light, which can make it dangerous to navigate your home (especially if someone is in the shower or on the stairs at the time). You should check to see if it’s a neighborhood issue or limited to your home and call your local utility company. It’s also a good idea to have torches and batteries in an easily accessible place.


A fire is every homeowner’s worst nightmare and an emergency that must be taken seriously. You should have a fire extinguisher at home and know when it’s safe to use it, but it’s also important to have an escape plan for each room of the house so everyone can get to safety and you can call the emergency services from a safe distance.

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Water Leak

Any kind of water leak is another emergency that needs to be taken seriously. You need to shut off the water supply, move any valuable items or electronics away from the affected area, and try to prevent water from damaging the home. It’s then important to call an emergency residential plumber Columbus OH has.

An emergency plumber will be able to come out as quickly as possible and fix the issue for you to minimize the damage. It’s a good idea to have the number of an emergency plumber in your phone before you need one so that you can call right away.

Gas Leak

A gas leak can also be a very serious issue, as any kind of flame or spark could lead to an explosion. Therefore, if you smell gas, you must evacuate your home, leaving windows and doors open if possible. You should then notify your gas company and/or the emergency services from a safe distance.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather can also be dangerous and will be a common occurrence for those in certain areas. There are a few ways to stormproof your home, including securing any outdoor items or moving them somewhere inside. If there’s a tornado, you should seek refuge in the basement or a room on the lowest floor.

These are some of the household emergencies that you need to be prepared for as a homeowner. Knowing what steps need to be taken straight away is key for minimizing the impact of these emergencies, so hopefully, this post will be educational.

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