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Here are some accessibility features coming to iOS 18 & macOS 15

There are rumors about certain accessibility features that could launch with iOS 18 and MacOS 15 at WWDC, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference. These expected updates will improve the experience for a range of Apple users, including those who need voice-activated shortcuts, Live Speech categories, and better font size control.

iOS 18 and MacOS 15, Big Boost Predicted for Accessibility

According to a credible source familiar with the matter, several major accessibility improvements are coming soon from Apple. This includes Voice Shortcuts that are likely going to give users the ability to assign spoken phrases in activating accessibility features, thus simplifying interaction without using wake phrases like “Hey Siri.”

Live Speech is another proposed feature that might undergo reorganization. By having categorized phrases, the Live Speech feature will make it much easier to find commonly used voice commands. It is worth noting that the integration of Voice Shortcuts and Live Speech categories might have a significant impact on usability among individuals dependent on assistive tools such as VoiceOver and Voice Control.

Moreover, there are rumors of improvements to the fonts across iOS and MacOS systems. Though users can change font sizes on a per-app basis now, some applications lack system-wide consistency for this feature. Reportedly, the upcoming MacOS 15 will bring additional font control functionalities in Books, News, and Stocks among others, thus significantly improving overall accessibility.

Feature’s expected launch and availability details

It however remains unknown which features will eventually make their way into iOS 18 or MacOS 15 since Apple typically assesses many internal developments before finalizing its release plans. Sourcing the details from Macrumors, Phonearena suggests that the updates might be in the advanced stages of development.

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The event’s announcements will follow a usual timeline. WWDC usually occurs in June, and this time, it will host the unveiling of these speculated features. However, depending on how things proceed, enthusiasts should look forward to an official date announcement within the next few months, allowing Apple enough time to make their travel arrangements.

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