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Google will warn you when logging out of Google Messages

Google Messages has been expanding beyond a simple SMS/RCS application. Now, it’s more of a fully-fledged messaging platform with a ton of features to make messaging a treat. If you use Google messages with an account, you will be able to use several features that enhance the experience. However, Google will show a message letting you know what features you will be missing out on when logging out of Google Messages.

Google Messages is the default messaging application you get on Pixel devices and many other near-stock Android devices on the market. It’s been coming out with several features lately that make it one of the best messaging options out there. For example, the app recently unveiled its in-app camera. This is a custom camera interface that Google will be able to control and update.

Also, Google Messages is working on improving its ability to send multiple images at the same time. You will be able to select more than one image to send in a pack rather than having to summon the photo picker for every single image.

Google Messages will tell you what features you will miss out on when logging out

Most people don’t think about accounts when using their default messaging applications. All they are looking to do is send messages to people. However, Google Messages is connected to your Google account. This makes it a bit more of a customizable experience. For starters, Google has been working on letting users create actual user profiles so that contacts can have their own profile pictures.

Well, if you are looking to sign out of your Google account in Google Messages, or use the application without an account, the platform will notify you about what features you’ll be missing out on. You will not be able to use Magic Compose (the platform’s generative AI tool to assist you with writing messages) or device pairing.

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Google Messages log out

Also, if you have profile discovery on, you have the option to stop people from discovering your profile for your phone number. They will not be able to see your profile picture or find your account through other Google products.

You will get a full-screen dialog whenever you are logging out or switching accounts. It will give you the option to stay logged in just in case you change your mind.

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