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Google will now save the images you take in Lens

At this point, Google Lens has been integrated into several parts of the Google and Android user interface. You’re likely to have used it over the past nearly seven years, and you’ve most likely taken pictures from within the Google Lens app. Well, sometimes, you want to keep a record of the pictures you took within the app, but you’ve never really been able to. Fortunately, Google will save the images you take in Lens.

Sometimes people will take a picture using their default camera app and import it into Google Len. This method is functional, but it also involves more steps than necessary. People do this so that they can retain a record of the pictures they took in Lens. If you take the picture within the Lens app, it will not be saved.

Google will save the images you take in Lens

Sure, a picture of a billboard phone number or an odd-looking flower is hardly worth preserving. However, there are times when we want to keep the images we searched. So, this is why the Google Lens search history comes in handy. As spotted by 9To5Google, if you go to your MyGoogleActivity page, you will see the pictures you take within Google Lens.

If you don’t know what the MyGoogleActivity page is, it’s basically the central hub to monitor what sort of data Google is keeping track of for you. You will see a feed of pretty much all actions you performed across your Google products. This includes your Chrome web history, YouTube history, Google Assistant searches, Etc. Now, the feed will include pictures you’ve taken within Google Lens. You will see a little thumbnail of the picture you took within Lens. If you click on the thumbnail, the image will automatically be downloaded. Your computer will download the full-resolution picture.

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Right now, this feature is currently rolling out. So, there is a chance that you won’t see it just yet. If you don’t see it, then you may want to wait a day or two.

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