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Google Drive for Web Now Gets the Support of Dark Mode

If you love using the dark mode on the bigger screen of your PC or computer and were frustrated because Google Drive didn’t have the support for it, don’t worry. Google has finally acknowledged the absence of Dark Mode in Drive for web and it’s now bringing the feature. There are a lot of web apps on Google apart from Drive, such as Google Docs, Gmail, etc., and not each one of them has support for a dark mode which is kind of annoying for people who use their system in the dark mode.

Dark Mode is finally here on the Google Drive for Web

Almost all the Google apps for both Android and iOS have the support of Dark Mode, but that’s not the case with Drive for Web. It had the dark mode missing for a long time. But, no more, as Google has finally listened to the users and they have added Dark Mode support to it. The tech behemoth has gradually started rolling out the support and if you haven’t gotten it yet, worry not, you will get it in the coming days.

Well, for those who have support for Dark Mode in their Google Drive. They can trigger it by going to Settings, which you can access after clicking on the gear icon present in the top right corner. Afterward, you will have to go to General the Appearance tab. Here you will get an option to trigger it on or off. Moreover, for the first time when the feature arrives, users will get an option to directly turn on the dark mode on the home screen itself. You may get a prompt saying “New! Dark Mode” and if you click on it, the dark mode will be turned on automatically.

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As of right now, it does not support the system-based theming option. This means it won’t be able to switch to the dark mode or light mode based on the system. You will have to trigger it on or off every time you change the theme of the system. The background will go completely dark once you turn on the dark mode. The menus, tabs, files, etc will appear grey when compared to the background.

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