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Google Chrome could get a switch to disable all extensions at once

Google Chrome could soon get an option to disable all installed extensions with one click. This will be especially useful for those who have a lot of extensions and need to disable them all for one reason or another.

Currently, you can disable Google Chrome extensions through the “Manage extensions” menu. However, you can only do it one by one. That is, there is no way to deactivate them all at once. Now, it looks like that’s about to change.

Google wants to make it easier to disable extensions in Chrome

As spotted by Gamer Stones, Google is working on an option to disable all extensions at once. According to the report, you can do it through a new switch that will be integrated into the “Extensions” button in the top bar of the browser. But not only that, as each extension will also have its own “disable switch” from the Extensions button pop-up.

So, it seems that Google wants to make it easier to enable and disable its browser extensions to your liking. This can be useful for certain situations, such as when you suspect that the source of some problem is an extension. In those cases, you can either disable one (if you suspect a specific one) or all of them. Not having to go to the “Manage extensions” menu to do so will speed up the process considerably.

Google Chrome Disable Extension New Menu
New switches to disable extensions. Source: Gamer Stones

It’s noteworthy that Google has been working on this for a while. There have been reports of the new switch to disable all extensions since the beginning of last year. Currently, it is still under development, so it is not available as standard in the browser. To activate it, you must enable the “chrome://flags/#extensions-menu-access-control” flag in Google Chrome 125.0.6398.0.

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The browser will also get more Material You design touches

After enabling the flag, the browser receives more touches of Material You design. This includes dynamic UI coloring and rounded edges. So, the company may also be working on implementing its latest design language in the browser. To top it off, the source adds that the switches to disable extensions will arrive in Chrome on Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia, and Lacros.

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