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Google app card carousel getting a redesign; now called “Your Space”

The classic card carousel that greets you when you open the Google app on your mobile device is getting a new UI in the latest app update. The section is even getting a new name: “Your Space.”

For years, the Google app has had the focus of “learning” about you and offering you useful information at a glance for your daily life. This is notable with things like the widget literally called “At a Glance” or the card carousel that appears below the search box. These cards include data on items such as the weather, sports scores from your favorite teams, stock prices, and air quality in your location.

The new design that the Google app card carousel is getting

Now, Google is tweaking the UI of these cards to make them more prominent. They maintain the rectangular shape with rounded edges, but now they are larger and their color tones stand out more among all the elements. The new UI shows more bits of information or distributes it more clearly on each card, which is in line with Google’s idea of facilitating access to key data with little effort.

Additionally, the company named this collection of cards “Your Space” although the functionality remains similar. That is, there are no new cards with information on other items, maintaining the classics for sports, air quality, weather, and finances.

According to the source, the new card UI carousel is available starting with the Google app 15.12 update. In addition to in the app, the redesign will be present in the Google Discover feed which you can access by swiping all the way to the left on your Google Pixel or Android device (if enabled).

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If you haven’t received the update yet, don’t worry since the rollout could be gradual, but the redesign is already available in the stable version of the Google app.

Google app card carousel redesign AH
Old UI vs New UI. Source: 9to5Google

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