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Glance aims to revamp Android lock screens in the US

The smartphone industry is quite ruthless. So much so that some smartphone vendors have partnered with Glance, an AI-driven smart lock screen platform based out of Bengaluru, India, to fend off the competition and build up a healthier profit margin. And, per a recent TechCrunch report, Glance lock screens may soon foray into the US, too.

Glance aims to squeeze more out of a traditional lock screen interface

For the uninitiated, Glance is a lock screen replacement for Android smartphones. The company hopes to reimagine the lock screen to offer more value, so to speak. As such, instead of using the lock screen to view the time or the notifications, Glance brings various experience zones embedded within your smartphone’s lock screen.

For instance, outdoorsy folks with a knack for exercising and training can personalize their Glance lock screen with a fitness space. The space can include a widget to access workout stats or playlist recommendations when sweating it out in a gym. Similarly, movie buffs can set up an OTT space, which would refresh with trailers for new movies and TV shows.

Glance Lockscreen Interface
Source: Glance

Needless to say, these curated spaces can also increase user downloads for various apps. Per a BCG report, the company’s nine-week partnership with JioCinema, a leading OTT service based out of India, resulted in 100 million unique impressions and nine million app downloads. Smartphone vendors can also charge advertisers to display ads on their lock screens, thus improving their margins and potentially lowering phone costs.

Having said that, it should be noted that Glance doesn’t aim to serve ads on lock screens in the US. The lock screen utility can be uninstalled from devices seamlessly, too.

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Glance doesn’t collect a user’s personal data

Since we’re on the subject, we should highlight that Glance claims it doesn’t collect a user’s personal data. Instead, the service reportedly picks up on usage patterns to drive information to its recommendation engine.

The company is also in talks with Qualcomm about infusing its lock screen with AI smarts. Should the partnership materialize, Glance will be able to reduce its data usage by a good margin by processing a user’s lock screen feed on-device.

Per reports, Glance is planning a debut in the US with Motorola and Verizon. The platform comes preinstalled on the Moto G Power 2024 (review), and the company is expected to build robust relationships with other carriers and labels like CNN and the NBA. Would you want curated spaces on your lock screen, especially if it brings the cost of a smartphone down? Let us know in the comments below.

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