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Get a refurbished Galaxy S22 Ultra for as low as $470 from Woot!

Right now you can score a pretty good deal on the Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung, as Woot! has the phone on sale for as low as $470. Now this is a refurbished device and not brand-new. That means there are probably going to be some signs of wear and tear from previous use. But sometimes this can be nothing more than a scuff that’s barely noticeable. That being said, there’s no telling what the signs of wear and tear will be.

Woot! does state however that the phones are all in working order. So, now that that’s been covered, here’s why you might want to consider these phones. For one, even with minor wear and tear the phones will still function properly. And the Galaxy S22 Ultra is an excellent device. It has a nice, large display at 6.8 inches in size and it has a resolution of FHD+. When it comes to the pricing, this will depend on what storage size you get. You can pick it up in a 128GB model or in a 256GB model. The 128GB will start at $470 which honestly isn’t bad for what you get.

The phone also comes with an S Pen and a fairly sizeable 5,000mAh battery. Not to mention it’s unlocked to work with most US carriers. Now if the Ultra is a bit more than what you’re looking for, Woot! also has deals on the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22. These are refurbished units as well so the same details apply as with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. But pricing starts a lot lower. The Galaxy S22 128GB starts at $205.99, and the Galaxy S22+ 128GB starts at $352.99. Keep in mind this runs on the same chipset as the Ultra model, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. So you’re not losing much outside of the better camera on the back, and the larger battery.

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Buy At Woot! – Galaxy S22

Buy At Woot! – Galaxy S22+

Buy At Woot! – Galaxy S22 Ultra

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