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Free AI tools to improve your productivity in 2024

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The landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in text generation has seen remarkable advancements as we’ve stepped into 2024. Content creators now have access to an array of free tools that promise to elevate their productivity and creativity. These tools are not just for tech-savvy users; they’re designed to be user-friendly, making them accessible to a wider audience. In this article, we’ll explore the top seven free AI text generation tools available this year, each with its unique capabilities to meet various writing demands. We’ll also take a look at an additional tool specifically designed for copywriting tasks.

Let’s start with Claude by Anthropic, an AI that excels in generating detailed responses, making it ideal for crafting in-depth articles, stories books and more. It’s the product of research aimed at creating AI that is not only efficient but also trustworthy and secure. If you’re tackling complex subjects and need substantial content, Claude could be your go-to tool.

Another tool that has become a household name is ChatGPT. Its free version, powered by GPT 3.5 turbo, is known for delivering prompt and high-quality responses. You can access it through voice commands and mobile apps, although you might experience some wait times during peak hours. ChatGPT is a reliable and versatile tool that can cater to a wide range of content creation needs.

Free AI tools to improve your productivity

For those deeply integrated with Google services, Bard by Google might be a natural fit. This experimental conversational AI pulls information straight from the web and is designed to work with Google Workspace. It’s also set to integrate with Gemini Ultra, Google’s latest language model, which could make it an even more powerful addition to your toolkit.

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Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which uses GPT 4, is another strong contender. It’s integrated into Microsoft’s suite of products and is known for producing high-quality content, though it does have some limitations on the number of chats per session. If you’re already using Microsoft products, Bing Chat could be a convenient and effective tool for you.

Character AI is a unique platform that allows you to create and interact with AI-generated chatbots. It’s particularly useful for language learning and creative gaming. The free version offers plenty of value, even though there’s a more feature-rich paid version available.

Perplexity AI is an AI-driven search engine and chatbot that delivers precise answers to your questions using GPT technology. It’s available on the web and as an iPhone app, making it a handy tool for quick research and information retrieval.

Google’s Text FX is a suite of AI-powered creative tools designed to assist writers,  as Google explains it “AI-powered tools for rappers, writers and wordsmiths”. It doesn’t just generate content; it also provides insights into the AI’s thought process, which can help foster creativity in your writing. Text FX is a valuable resource for writers looking to enhance their skills with AI assistance.

Another three AI tool that has to be mentioned is, an AI-driven copywriting tool that comes with a generous free tier. It features a range of automated creativity tools, templates, and a long-form document editor. If copywriting is a significant part of your work, could help you produce engaging content more efficiently.

These free AI tools and text generation services, represent the forefront of free AI technology in 2024. They offer solutions for a wide array of content creation needs, from writing elaborate articles to generating quick responses and creative copy. By incorporating these tools into your workflow, you can significantly enhance your content creation process and productivity. Whether you’re an experienced writer, a content marketer, or someone who enjoys writing as a hobby, these AI tools are designed to improve your writing experience.

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