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Framework Laptop 13 barebones modular laptop B-stock from $499

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Framework has made a significant stride by introducing a more affordable version of its Framework Laptop 13, now available for just $499. This new Framework Laptop B-stock model is not only cost-effective but also comes equipped with a powerful i7-1165G7 processor. What makes this offering stand out is the ability for customers to tailor the memory and storage to their needs, a move that resonates with Framework’s ethos of sustainability and reducing waste.

For those looking to complete their laptop setup without breaking the bank, Framework offers refurbished DDR4 memory. This type of memory is known for its efficiency in data storage, and by choosing the refurbished option, users can enjoy a blend of high performance and cost savings.

Framework has also taken steps to make cutting-edge technology more accessible by expanding its Framework Outlet. Now, refurbished laptops that boast the latest 13th Gen Intel Core Processors are available to consumers in the US and Canada. These laptops deliver exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost of brand-new models.

Framework Laptop 13

Developers, in particular, will find value in Framework’s latest offering—a 20-pack of Expansion Card Shells. These shells are designed to expand the laptop’s capabilities and are part of Framework’s initiative to repurpose inventory with minor defects. This not only encourages innovation but also plays a part in reducing waste.

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Barebones modular laptop

The company’s commitment to durability is further underscored by the sale of Factory Seconds laptops in the US, Canada, and Australia. While these laptops may have minor cosmetic flaws, they are sold at a reduced price, emphasizing Framework’s dedication to creating long-lasting products.

At the heart of Framework’s philosophy is the belief that consumers should have the power to upgrade and repair their devices over time. This principle is integral to the design of their laptops, which are engineered to be easily serviced, thereby extending their lifespan.

Framework Laptop B-stock

In support of the developer community, Framework has taken the initiative to release comprehensive developer documentation for the Framework Laptop 16 on GitHub. This documentation is a valuable resource for developers, enabling them to delve into the hardware’s internals, fostering a spirit of innovation and collaborative problem-solving.

Framework’s recent initiatives reflect a steadfast commitment to making high-performance computing more accessible while upholding the values of product longevity, upgradeability, and reparability. The company continues to support the Framework Laptop 16 and empowers developers to unlock the full potential of their Framework laptops.

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