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Foldable iPhone coming in 2026, Apple official reportedly confirms

We’ve seen a number of rumors regarding the first foldable device from Apple. A recent one claimed that it’s coming in 2026, or 2025 at the earliest, but that it won’t be an iPhone. Today’s report brings different info. The very first foldable iPhone is allegedly coming in 2026, and this comes from a senior Apple official.

The very first foldable iPhone is coming in 2026, according to a senior Apple official

The information has been shared by AlphaBiz, a South Korean publication, and it was relayed by Revegnus, at tipster. It comes after Apple submitted some display patents to the USPTO, a US patent office.

What exactly happened? Well, a senior Apple official was asked, by AlphaBiz, when is the first foldable iPhone coming. He said the following: “After careful consideration, Apple has confirmed the release of its foldable iPhone for the later-than-expected year of 2026”.

He also added that “given the delayed release compared to competitors, it is expected that cutting-edge technologies will be concentrated”. That’s not all, though. The official also said that the foldable iPhone “is expected to be thinner and lighter than those of competitors”.

The phone will not only be thin & light, but also minimize the display crease

To end his statements, he added that Apple’s goal is “particularly to prevent the crease marks that competitors are struggling with”. That’s basically everything that was reported.

Now, the name of this official was not mentioned. Truth be said, this is a rather odd situation, as official Apple personnel do not talk about upcoming projects freely, especially a high-profile first-gen project.

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AlphaBiz was very clear about this, and so was Revegnus. Based on their reporting, this can be considered official information. It seems like the very first foldable iPhone is indeed coming in 2026. It will be thin, light, and have great crease control, reportedly. Let’s see what Apple can add to the foldable smartphone market. It’s late to the party, as usual, but a foldable iPhone could increase foldable smartphone adoption in general quite a bit.

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