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Fitbit app gets a redesign & enhanced insights

Fitbit has recently unveiled a major redesign of its sleep stats page, offering users an improved experience in tracking their sleep patterns and enhancing overall well-being. This update comes on the heels of Fitbit’s Material You revamp of the app last year, which did not include some health stats in its modernization efforts. However, the brand has listened to user feedback and is now introducing a revamped sleep page, along with other enhancements, to provide a more comprehensive sleep-tracking experience.

Streamlined design

The new sleep page on the Fitbit app boasts a streamlined design with four tabs at the top: Day, Week, Month, and Year. This layout allows for easy navigation and provides users with a comprehensive insight into their sleep data. The redesigned sleep experience aims to give users all the information they need about their sleep at a glance, making it easier to monitor their sleep patterns and make adjustments as needed.

Fitbit app sleep experience redesign

Detailed sleep insights

Users can now view their sleep duration and score in both numerical and circular/speed dial formats with the new sleep page. This allows for a quick overview of the previous night’s sleep quality. By presenting this information in a more accessible way, Fitbit has made it easier for users to track their sleep performance and make informed decisions to improve their overall sleep health.

Interactive sleep timeline

One of the standout features of the updated sleep page is an interactive sleep timeline. This feature lets users pinpoint the exact time they woke up during the night by pressing and holding on the chart. By providing this level of detail, users can gain valuable insights into their sleep patterns and disturbances, helping them identify potential areas for improvement.

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Comprehensive sleep metrics

In addition to basic sleep metrics like duration and score, users can now explore additional insights such as Estimated oxygen variation, sleep heart rate, Snoring, Restlessness, and a Monthly sleep profile. This comprehensive view of sleep data offers users a deeper understanding of their sleep patterns and behaviors, empowering them to make informed decisions to optimize their sleep quality and overall well-being.

Fitbit app sleep experience redesignFitbit app sleep experience redesign

Track changes over time

With the Day, Week, Month, and Year tabs, users can easily track changes in their sleep patterns over time. This functionality allows users to monitor their progress towards better sleep quality and gain a deeper understanding of their sleep habits. By analyzing trends and patterns, users can make adjustments to their sleep routine to achieve optimal rest and recovery.

Google says that the sleep experience with a redesign is starting to roll out in the Fitbit app on Android and iOS. Eventually, the update is not yet widely available, it will be fully accessible in the coming days. This commitment to providing users with valuable insights and tools to optimize their sleep and overall health underscores Fitbit’s dedication to improving the user experience and promoting better sleep habits.

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