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FCN – FLOCK creates ‘Sasa’s Language’ 2 minute long film for Sasa Corporate – togetherbe

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FLOCK, part of FCN Creative, has created a new spot for Sasa Corporate, a seasoning brand known for its diverse range of culinary delights. Titled “Bahasa Sasa” or “Sasa’s Language”, the commercial captures the essence of Sasa’s products as more than just condiments but as a means to evoke the comforting feeling of home.


In today’s fast-paced world, where cultural diversity intertwines with bustling lifestyles, Sasa’s array of seasonings serves as a unifying element, transcending distance and connecting people through the shared experience of flavorful cuisine. The TV commercial artfully portrays how Sasa’s seasonings, from classic MSG to healthy santan, have the power to speak directly to the hearts of consumers, making them feel embraced, understood, and ultimately at home.

“At Flock, we believe in the power of storytelling to evoke emotions and create meaningful connections,” said Lila Talitha, Group Executive Creative Director at Flock. “With this commercial, we aimed to showcase Sasa’s seasonings not just as ingredients, but as the embodiment of love and nostalgia, capable of transforming any meal into a heartfelt experience.”

Through captivating visuals, the commercial takes viewers on a journey that celebrates the universal appeal of Sasa’s seasonings. Whether it’s the aroma of freshly ground spices or the burst of flavor from a sprinkle of MSG, each scene highlights how a home cooked meal can bring you closer to the people you love, regardless of distance or language.

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“Sasa’s seasonings are more than just a culinary staple – they are the love language of kitchens around the world,” said Fenny Kusnaidy, Sasa Corporate. “We are thrilled to partner with Flock to bring this message to life and showcase how our products can bring individuals closer to their loved ones in ways words cannot articulate.”


FCN – FLOCK creates ‘Sasa’s Language’ 2 minute long film for Sasa Corporate
FCN – FLOCK creates ‘Sasa’s Language’ 2 minute long film for Sasa Corporate

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