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Facebook Messenger finally gets HD photos, plus more useful features

A new update has started rolling out to Facebook Messenger, and it includes HD photo support, finally. Some additional features have been included, and they’re worth noting too, but the one we’ve mentioned has been long-awaited.

Facebook Messenger will finally get support for HD photos

As many of you who use Facebook Messenger know, the app tends to really downgrade the quality of pictures you send to someone. I personally experienced that so many times that I stopped sending pictures and videos via Messenger altogether, despite the fact it’s my primary way of talking to people.

Facebook Messenger HD photo

Having said that, once you get this update, you’ll be able to select an image you want to send, and then turn on the ‘HD’ toggle. You can see what I mean below. We’re not sure if this will work if you send images straight from the gallery, but let’s hope it will.

Shared Albums are also coming for group chats

In addition to HD photos, Meta now also allows you to create shared albums on Facebook Messenger. You can create albums to share with your family, friends, coworkers, or whoever you want in there.

Facebook Messenger Shared AlbumsFacebook Messenger Shared Albums

You can then, of course, add photos and videos to the album you create. The app will allow you to create those albums from group chats, all you’ll have to do is select multiple photos and then create an album for them. Yes, you can assign names to those albums, of course.

Do note that everyone in the group chat can then view, add, delete, and download the pictures and videos in that shared album. This feature will roll out last out of the ones we’re talking about here, it seems. It’ll roll out in the coming weeks.

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You’ll be able to add people by simply scanning their QR code

Another added feature is the ability to add people to Messenger with a QR code. Every user will have a QR code, and all you need to add someone is to scan that QR code.

Facebook Messenger QR code scanFacebook Messenger QR code scan

The last addition is… increase the size limit for files. Messenger will allow you to send files up to 100 MB. Do note that all major formats are supported, Word, Excel, PDF, and even ZIP.

Facebook Messenger file sharingFacebook Messenger file sharing

Do note that Meta showed off screenshots from the iOS version of the Messenger app. We’re assuming the changes will first roll out to iOS, or perhaps Meta used those screenshots just for the sake of it. Regardless the same changes are expected on Android, and soon.

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