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F5 Shanghai hosted spectacular XREAL smart glasses launch at the London Eye – togetherbe

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XREAL, a leading Chinese smart glasses brand, celebrated its UK market entry with a launch event at the iconic London Eye. Positioned prominently on the Thames River, the London Eye, known for its breathtaking views and as a top visitor attraction, served as a fitting venue for introducing XREAL’s cutting-edge technology.


In late 2023, XREAL (previously known as Nreal) made its official debut in the UK. To mark this occasion, the agency F5 Shanghai chose the London Eye, synonymous with spectacular panoramas, to unveil its advanced eyewear, symbolizing a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition.

The event, set within one of the London Eye’s capsules and themed “A NEW ERA FOR THE EYE,” saw Jin Peng, XREAL’s co-founder, presenting the brand’s journey and its groundbreaking mixed reality technology. The unique setting allowed the audience to experience the London skyline through the lens of XREAL’s technology, enhanced by multiple cameras capturing various angles.

Adding to the event’s allure, The Tech Chap, a prominent UK tech influencer with over 1.5 million YouTube followers, engaged in a dialogue with Jin Peng. This interaction not only enriched the event but also bridged the gap between XREAL and its potential British consumers.

The choice of “Chinese Glasses” at the “London Eye” for the theme cleverly underscores the synergy between XREAL’s compact yet powerful technology and the grandeur of the London Eye. Both are celebrated for their “giant” size and “stunning” visual experiences, with the London Eye offering unmatched views of London’s landmarks, and XREAL being acclaimed for its vibrant and clear visuals.

Serena Wang, XREAL’s Global Content Director, said: “This is our second collaboration with F5, who once again demonstrated their creativity and execution capabilities. They not only showed the high efficiency of Chinese creative companies but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the target market culture. Good products combined with good creativity are the strongest drivers for Chinese brands to go global. I believe that F5’s enthusiasm and professionalism will become a strong force for Chinese brands to expand overseas.”

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