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Enhancing Your Collection With The MG Gundam Dynames Model

Even though you’ve been building Gunpla for a long time, there are times when you want a kit that both tests your building abilities and is enjoyable to assemble. The earlier MG kits you might have constructed are far better than the newest ones, and we must confess that we have been having a challenging time getting into the newer ones.

Besides, this guide will express the final opinions and feelings about the Gundam Dynames models and how their design and aesthetics add to your entire collection.

Let’s get started!

Alright, then, how about we go right into it?

The Origins and Evolution of Dynames Gundam from the Celestial Being Dragon Ball Dynames GN-002:

The GN-002

Mobile Suit for Long-Range Sharpshooter

Full-Shield GN, Beam Pistol GN, Missiles GN, and Beam Saber GN are all part of the GN arsenal.

18.2 meters

The Electronic Carbon

  • Internal combustion engine:

The GN Drive

One pilot and one haro

Of the four MSs set during the initial stages of the Celestial Being’s open-armed involvement, the favorite is undoubtedly The Dynames.

That being said, it’s not that you might dislike any of the other Gundams. Alternatively, the Exia is a formidable close-range MS that comes with a few of the most aesthetically pleasing melee weapons. 

Out of the four missions, the Dynames is the only one where the MS pilot truly made a grand exit, from start to finish. The sort of MS that says, “I need some space for myself.” Isn’t it something that might add stars to your collection?

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Are you still thinking? 

How about we discuss this incredible MS?

The Dynames is a third generation Gundam class MS created by the clandestine Celestial Being Organization. This particular GN-002 The Gundam Sadalsuud and Gundam Dynames are both long-range sharpshooter MS, and the former was designed to be the latter’s successor. There are some superficial visual similarities between the two MS, but the Dynames is much different from its forerunner.

This is because its primary function is less active, unlike the Sadalsuud, designed mainly for infiltration, scouting, and long-range confrontations. In contrast, the Dynames were made to put more emphasis on fighting. However, this does not imply that the Dynames do not have any DNA from the Sadalsuud. You may observe it on the primary head unit of the Dynames, which utilized the identical Sensor as the Sadalsuud.

But remember that Dynames was designed for battle, and the Sadalsuud was a test model. This is why the Dyanames have stronger armor and shielding to better defend themselves from assaults, making up for the absence of sensors and ensuring the pilot’s survival.

As the long-range sniper specialist that followed GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud and came before GN-006 Cherudim Gundam, the GN-002 Gundam Dynames is a third-generation Gundam. Dynames are distinct from Sadalsuud, albeit they have certain parallels with the former.

When compared to GN-001 Gundam Exia, Dynames is essentially the antithesis. Moreover, Dynames is completely antithetical to Exia’s focus on melee combat. The GN Sniper Rifle is the go-to weapon for Dynames to support fire from medium to long ranges. The main function of Dynames, with its primary weapon being Exia, is to serve as a support sniper, engaging foes from a distance while remaining concealed. 

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When engaged in close-quarters battle, Dynames abandons the rifle in favor of its GN Pistols, which are held and utilized in a gun-kata style. Dynames favors its GN Missiles at extremely close range and reserves its beam sabers for extreme situations. Dynames’ primary purpose is sniping, although the unit may switch it up with specialized gear.

The design plays a significant role.

It’s no shame in admitting that the mobile suit models of the year 2000 are one of the favorites. Especially Gundams from the very first season. Their sense of unity is the reason behind this. Looking at one without considering the others is challenging. Still, they’re designed to be unique in some ways.

Dynames manages to pull it off, though. Moving on, Dynames receive a fantastic array of colors that differ from the norm for heroes. Blue is an alternative to the traditional trio of red, blue, and yellow. Using too many primary colors makes the design look cluttered. The deep green shade is a fantastic choice, though.

The aesthetic philosophy of celestial beings is breathtaking. Ultimately, the dynamism is stunning.

Its development speaks for itself.

The construction of the model is first-rate, and it’s best to understand its frame to demonstrate it as a part of your collection. Everything came together nicely and looked fantastic after snapping the frame. If you’re trying to set it up, inserting the see-through holographic components would be simple. 

Besides, it doesn’t require a plethora of mechanical detail. Also, the armor is, in all honesty, the most impressive component that will give your collection an edge over other models. The frame, lovely as it is, will eventually need covering. 

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So, what are you waiting for?

In the end!

Dynames’ Super Substratospheric Altitude Gun is a customized particle rifle that can fire on orbital targets from ground level, allowing for specialized long-range precision firing—a rarely utilized capability. Before taking to the skies solo, the pilot must link the weapon to a massive GN Condenser and establish connections to various computer systems to acquire the precise firing data required. 

Ultimately, to reload for the following shot, it takes around 30 seconds. Having said that, it would be an ideal time to enhance your collection with MG Gundam Dynames models. What’d you say?


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