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DPD begins delivering robots in the UK

DPD has announced that it will start delivering robots in the UK, after the success of its trial in the UK, and this will be deployed in 10 British towns and cities within the next 12 months, and this follows a trial conducted by DPD in Milton Keynes.

The first bot deliveries will start with Rounds in Northamptonshire. The Milton Keynes trials started in July last year and the delivery bots traveled around 500 miles during the trial with over 2,500 deliveries to customers.

Based at the DPD depot in Warth Park on the western edge of the Raunds, it will transport the bots to nearby residential areas within a mile of the depot, via the existing network of footpaths. At Rounds, the robots will have three separate parcel pods, instead of just one in the original experiment, and an extended battery life of up to 12 hours.

DPD package recipients at Raunds will be notified of the bot’s delivery in advance, and once they’ve confirmed they’re home to accept the package, the bot will be dispatched.

Customers will then be able to track the bot’s progress on a map and be notified when it reaches their property. They then use a code to open the secure compartment and access their package. Once the booth is closed, the robot will either continue to the next delivery or return to the warehouse.

DPD has worked closely with North Northamptonshire Council on introducing robotics in Rounds.

Cllr Graham Lawman, executive member of the North Northamptonshire Council on Highways, Travel and Assets, said: “We are delighted that DPD is introducing delivery bots at Raunds. The council is committed to the environment and to supporting clean and green alternatives to traditional forms of transport to reduce emissions. It’s great to be able to help bring this innovation to North Northamptonshire.”

Tim Jones, Director of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability DPDgroup UK commented: “The experience in Milton Keynes has been a huge success for us. The bots have exceeded our expectations, and the feedback has been fantastic. We can see people’s reactions when they meet them, which is very positive. Understanding the role delivery bots can play in certain locations in the UK and experience has helped us identify more locations where we can successfully deploy bots.

You can find out more information about DPD’s DPD robot deliveries at the link below, and it will be interesting to see how many cities and towns will be expanded in the future.

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