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D16 Group Sigmund 2: The four-part delay is back!

D16 Group Sigmund 2  · 

D16 Group

The sequel to the D16 Group’s digital delay Sigmund 2 ups the modulation count to one per delay line and beefs up the filter section in the process.

D16 Group Sigmund 2

Sigmund Freud theorized that there were three parts that made up the human psyche: the id, ego and super ego. D16 Group’s Sigmund 2 does it one better with four. Individual delay lines, that is.

The sequel to the company’s original delay effect plugin, Sigmund 2 improves on the original in a few key ways while keeping the general theory intact. An ultra-clean digital delay with analogue-style controls, it offers four discrete delay paths plus a number of controls to tweak it.

D16 Group Sigmund 2: New Modulators

New to version two are additional modulation sources, from two to four. That makes it one per delay line, offering additional flexibility. Modulation is important for delay as it lets you go from traditional delay to flange and chorus.  Each modulator can operate in three different modes: LFO, envelope follower with built-in transient detection and peak follower

“Four multipurpose modulators make it quick and easy to apply different types of modulation to several delay line parameters at the same time,” says D16 in its promotional material for the release. “This lets you do everything from adding subtle movement to your sound, to wild expressive delay effects.”

And A New Filter

The filter section of D16 Group Sigmund 2 also gets beefed up. The multimode filter circuit gains an additional mode, bolstering the low-, band- and high-pass filters of the original. The filter can be used outside the signal to shape the sound as an EQ, or within for more creative effects. When applied to individual delay lines, it’s capable of generating more unusual effects such as wah-wah, vowels and phaser-like sounds. 

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Other new additions to the plugin include LFO smoothing in the modulation circuit, stereo channel crossfade, preliminary dynamics control in the overdrive unit, a new tag-based preset browser, and a variety of GUI improvements.

D16 Group Sigmund 2 is out now. It’s available in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats. Prices are €99 / $99 / £89. Sigmund 2 is also available as part of D16 Group’s Total Bundle.

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D16 Group Sigmund 2

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