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CYCLIDSK 100 smart gaming desk

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At Computex 2023 this month, Thermaltake held the Thermaltake Indoor Sports Cycling Tournament to launch its new CYCLIDSK 100 smart gaming desk. Multifunctional desk designed for gaming, work, and professional cycling sports.

The CYCLIDSK 100 smart gaming desk is an essential part of any eSports competition. Standing out from most desks on the market, the CYCLATESK 100’s small footprint and portability make it ideal for a variety of usage scenarios; From cycling sports to gaming stations and workplace scenarios.

The multifunctional design of the Thermaltake CYCLATESK 100 provides ample room for a PC monitor or laptop setup, allowing users to watch videos while cycling at the same time.

Thermaltake CYCLIDSK 100 gaming desk

Powered by the TT Smart Controller, the CYCELDESK 100 comes with a smart height adjustment function that can be controlled using the companion smartphone app through your wireless network or directly from your computer. It also features an interface that displays the current desk height, and offers easy height adjustments with the push of a button located on the front panel.

CYCLATESK 100 is not just an ordinary gaming desk, it is designed for a variety of different usage scenarios: e-bike sports, gaming stations and workplaces. Only one desk can meet all the needs of indoor use. CYCLATESK 100 is an adjustable professional cycling trainer fitness desk. You can Choose to use your desktop, laptop or tablet to watch your favorite motivational videos or play cycling apps while keeping your coach up to speed.”

Compact desktop space can accommodate all your gaming gear. Also, free height control and excellent mobility provide you with more versatile usage patterns. Elevate your professional gaming experiences with CYCLATESK 100! Our height-adjustable desk provides an ergonomic workspace for you. You can freely adjust the height of the desktop according to your work needs. Let’s say goodbye to long sitting and enjoy the health benefits of a height-adjustable desk.

Source: Thermaltake

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