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Corsair M75 FPS lightweight wireless gaming mice

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Corsair has unveiled its latest innovation in gaming technology with the release of the M75 and M75 Wireless gaming mice, specifically designed to cater to the needs of first-person shooter (FPS) enthusiasts. These new mice are set to make a significant impact on the gaming experience by offering a combination of lightweight design, ergonomic comfort, and advanced technology, all aimed at enhancing player performance and endurance during gameplay.

At the heart of the M75 series is the Corsair MARKSMAN 26K DPI optical sensor, a high-precision tool that ensures accurate tracking, a critical factor for gamers who rely on quick reflexes and sharp aim in fast-paced FPS games. This sensor is complemented by the QUICKSTRIKE buttons, which are engineered for swift and responsive clicks, potentially giving players a crucial advantage in reaction time against their rivals.

For gamers who value the absence of cords, the M75 Wireless comes with a low-latency wireless connection that promises smooth and consistent gameplay. The long battery life of the wireless model addresses concerns about losing power during critical gaming moments, and the option to switch to a wired connection provides continuous play without interruption.

Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mice

Weighing in at just 74 grams for the M75 and 89 grams for the M75 WIRELESS, these mice are among the lightest available, a feature that aims to reduce hand fatigue and help players maintain their competitive edge during long gaming sessions. The ambidextrous design of the mice supports various grip styles, and the customizable magnetic side buttons allow players to tailor the mouse to their individual preferences for comfort and control.

  • Lightweight build at 74 g for the M75 and 89 g for the M75 Wireless.
  • Ambidextrous shape with swappable magnetic side buttons.
  • Customization through Corsair iCUE software for buttons and RGB lighting.
  • M75 WIRELESS offers low-latency wireless connectivity and long battery life, with a wired mode option for charging.
  • Equipped with 100% PTFE mouse feet, Corsair MARKSMAN 26K DPI optical sensor, and QUICKSTRIKE buttons for responsive gameplay.
  • Available in white and black color options.
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The customization options extend beyond the physical design, thanks to the Corsair iCUE software. This software enables players to program button macros, remap keys, and synchronize the RGB lighting with their gaming setup or team colors. The intuitive interface of the iCUE software makes it easy for gamers to adjust the mouse settings to their specific needs.

To ensure a smooth glide and precise control, the M75 series mice are fitted with 100% PTFE mouse feet, allowing for effortless movement across any gaming surface. The mice are available in both white and black, designed to seamlessly blend into any gaming environment.

Corsair’s dedication to quality is evident in the two-year warranty provided for both the M75 and M75 Wireless gaming mice. These products are now available for purchase through the Corsair Webstore and authorized retailers, ready to enhance the gaming experience for players.

For serious FPS gamers, the Corsair M75 and M75 Wireless gaming mice offer a competitive edge with their ergonomic, lightweight design, customizable features, and precise sensors. Whether competing at a professional level or passionately engaged in gaming, the M75 series is equipped to support players in reaching their highest level of performance.


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