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Coke Studio releases limited-edition video vinyl – togetherbe

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Get ready to experience music in a whole new way! Coke Studio, the global music platform known for epic artist collabs, is gearing up for its highly anticipated Season 8 in the Philippines. To fuel the excitement, they’ve dropped a limited- edition Coke Studio Video Vinyl, a retro masterpiece with a modern twist, teasing the upcoming season created by WPP Open X, led by Ogilvy Singapore.


This isn’t your parents’ record player! Coke Studio – launched in the Philippines in 2017 and globally in 2022 – is known for its groundbreaking collaborations and boundary-pushing music experiences; it continues to redefine the connection between artists and audiences.

These collector’s edition Video Vinyl records celebrate Coke Studio’s spirit of collision of bringing together artists from different worlds to create fresh sounds. They employ the Zoetrope technique, one of the earliest forms of animation format, to bring the vinyl record artwork to life when spun. Each vinyl showcases a song from Season 7, a track born from the collaboration of multiple Filipino music legends and rising stars and music icons from today’s generation. The intricate details of the design itself feature the diverse artists that breathe life into each song, offering both a visual and auditory narrative.

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That’s not all! Coke Studio knows today’s generation craves nostalgia with a modern edge. The bold new design paired with music from past Coke Studio seasons is a perfect juxtaposition for today’s music lovers—a generation enamoured with the authenticity and tactile feel of retro artifacts. By infusing the vintage vinyl with a modern twist, Coke Studio has crafted what can be deemed the flipbook for the digital age of music, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that complements the audio, while captivating music enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Coke Studio releases limited-edition video vinyl

Teejae Sonza, Senior Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Trademark in ASEAN & South Pacific shared that the release of the Video Vinyls serves as a sneak peek of what to expect in the upcoming season of Coke Studio in the Philippines, but also alludes to some unexpected fan- focused surprises for Coke Studio in other countries across ASEAN & South Pacific.

“Coke Studio thrives on the beauty of fusion and the wonderful serendipity of unexpected harmonies and genres,” says Teejae Sonza, Senior Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Trademark in ASEAN & South Pacific. “These Video Vinyls capture the magic of Coke Studio in a unique format, reflecting our commitment to blending artistic mediums and musical genres in a way that excites and inspires.”

Sonza further added that the Video Vinyl enabled Coke Studio to connect with its strong music fan base beyond live experiences. It epitomizes the ‘Real Magic’ of Coca-Cola and reflects the brand’s forward-thinking in actively bringing disparate worlds together, especially in the ASEAN & South Pacific region.

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Coca-Cola engaged some of the visionary illustrators of today such as Vanilla Chi, Rakhmat Jaka, and Mathieu Labrecque to imbue the artwork of these collectibles with hidden gems, secret messages, and shoutouts that echo the stories of the musical artists. These easter eggs are a treasure trove, a love letter to true music fans, rewarding them with a deeper connection to the artists and the music.

Nikhil Panjwani, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Singapore, said: “The Coke Studio Video Vinyl is analogue and digital at the same time, retro yet totally now. It’s a celebration of yesteryears tailored for today’s sensory explorers. It’s music you can see and hear – a true embodiment of Real Magic.”

Coke Studio releases limited-edition video vinyl

Unveiled by Coke Studio Philippines artists and a select group of music tastemakers: publishers, radio DJs, and the most dedicated Coke Studio fans, the Coke Studio Video Vinyls have ignited the excitement for Season 8 and hint at surprises for Coke Studio fans. These limited-edition vinyls are more than just records; they are a canvas of inspiration, inviting this new generation to rediscover the allure of the past while immersing themselves in the present innovations—a symphony of sights and sounds that only Coca-Cola can do.

Matthias Blume, VP of Marketing
Teejae Sonza, Senior Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Trademark
Adam Ross, Senior Creative Strategy Director of Coca-Cola Trademark
Jinsol Kim, Director of Coca-Cola Breaks
Tanya Cinco, Director of Content for Coca-Cola Trademark
Nikhil Panjwani , Executive Creative Director
Tiago Silva and Hugo Suissas, Associate Creative Directors
Anna Gregorio, Design Lead
Juhi Bimbhet , Category Business Director
Grace Shintany Lee , Project Integration Lead/Group Account Director
Eugenia Ngan , Program Director
Andrew Leong, Campaign Lead
Alexis Lefort, Executive Producer
Rienaldy Achadiyat, Head of Content
Timothy Lee, Senior Creative Editor
Pang Wei Fong, Editor + Motion Graphics
Abdul Rahim Rahman, Post Producer
Timothy Chow, Photographer at Catherine Ong Associate

Coke Studio releases limited-edition video vinyl
Coke Studio releases limited-edition video vinyl

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