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Bugatti Bolide is a £3.5 million track car

Bugatti has revealed details about its latest vehicle, the Bugatti Bolide this new supercar is designed to be a track car and it will cost a massive £3.5 million, just 40 units of this new car will be made.

Bugatti Bolide

The Bolide’s incredible performance – and therefore its resulting interior packaging requirements – necessitated a monocoque even stronger and stiffer than the Chiron’s2. A new monocoque created the opportunity for a new seating position – one that leans rearwards into the automobile, allowing for the heels of the driver to sit slightly raised and for the passenger to be optimally angled towards the nose of the Bolide, mirroring similar arrangements that feature in some of the world’s most extreme racecars. Due to the raw and uncompromising nature of the Bolide, there are no parts nor trim levels shared with the Chiron family; on the contrary, the interior of the Bolide has been exclusively crafted just for this project, including optimized racing seats, a high-tech steering wheel and an array of bespoke arrangements that encompass safety, comfort and performance.

Bugatti Bolide

You can find out more details about the new Bugatti Bolide track supercar over at the Bugatti website, it certainly looks impressive from the photos, the car is designed to be a track only car and not a road car.

Source Bugatti, Auto Express

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