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BMW X5 xDrive30Li and BMW X5 xDrive40Li

BMW debuted two new versions of its X5 SUV which have been designed for the Chinese market, the BMW X5 xDrive30Li and BMW X5 xDrive40Li, at the Chengdu Motor Show , both models come with a longer wheelbase than the standard car.

The BMW X5 xDrive30Li and BMW X5 xDrive40Li models are specifically designed to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. With an extended wheelbase of 130 millimetres compared to other global versions, these models offer ample legroom for rear passengers. Enhanced rear door width facilitates easier entry and exit. The seats are uniquely crafted, and exclusive features are added to maximize comfort during long journeys. These new BMW X5 editions for China will be manufactured at the Dadong facility, a collaboration between BMW and Brilliance Automotive Ltd. in Shenyang, with a launch set for September 2023

BMW X5 xDrive30Li

The redesigned headlights and iconic kidney grille amplify the front’s dominance, underscoring the confidence exuded by the new BMW X5 xDrive30Li and BMW X5 xDrive40Li. The headlights are now 35 millimeters slimmer, with daytime lights shaped like arrows that also function as turn signals. The BMW X5 xDrive40Li comes standard with Matrix LED headlights featuring adaptive control and a non-glare high beam, while it’s optional for the BMW X5 xDrive30Li. The revamped rear lights incorporate artistic fiber-optic elements, presenting a distinct X-shaped illumination.

You can find out more information about the new BMW X5 xDrive30Li and BMW X5 xDrive40Li models over at BMW at the link below, the cars are not expected to be available in other markets.

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