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BMW to bring hands free driving to the UK next year

BMW has announced that it will be bringing hands-free driving to the UK next year with its Level 3 highly autonomous driving, the feature is set to launch in Germany next spring and then in the UK later in the year.

This new feature will be available on the BMW 7 series model as an optional extra in the form of the BMW Personal Pilot L3, this optional feature will cost buys of the BMW 7 series an extra €6,000.

The introduction of Level 3 functionality in BMW 7 Series models will make the BMW Group the first carmaker to offer both an advanced Level 2 driving function in its product portfolio where the hands can be taken off the steering wheel and positioned comfortably and a Level 3 system. The BMW Highway Assistant already offers a highly innovative SAE Level 2 partially automated driving function in all new BMW 5 Series models. The package also includes a unique feature in the form of the Active Lane Change Assistant with eye confirmation. This function is primarily designed for use over long-distance journeys in the new BMW 5 Series, allowing the driver to adopt an extremely relaxed posture behind the steering wheel. When travelling at up to 130 km/h (81 mph), this additional function of the Steering and Lane Control Assistant can take control over the car’s speed, the distance to the vehicle in front and the car’s steering.

You can find out more details about the new BMW hands free driving over at the BMW website at the link below, we expect BMW to make this available for more vehicles in the future as well.

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