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BMW Expands In-Car Connectivity with Ubigi eSIM

BMW has announced that it is expanding its in-car connectivity in Europe with Ubigi’s global Personal eSIM solution and this feature will be available in Germany and France to start with and then it will be expanded to more countries.

The new Ubigi global Personal eSIM can be activated within the My BMW App and pricing fore the plan is €10 a month nd this gives you unlimited data for your BMW, you can see more information below.

Starting today, BMW customers in France and Germany can activate the Personal eSIM of their vehicle with Transatel’s Ubigi 5G data plans to enjoy additional infotainment features and WiFi connectivity, irrespective of their primary network operator for their regular smartphone subscription. The service will be available for BMW vehicles with BMW Operating System 8, 8.5 and 9 with the option Personal eSIM (SA6PA). Depending on the vehicle model, the Personal eSIM enables the in-vehicle WiFi-Hotspot, first-row video streaming services and in the case of 7 series vehicles equipped with the BMW Theatre Screen, a wide variety of entertainment powered by Amazon Fire TV.

Following Germany and France, the service will soon be rolled out to other European countries, too. To activate it in eligible BMW vehicles, owners can conveniently configure their Personal eSIM through the My BMW App.

The feature is launching in France and Germany at first and then it is also coming to 27 European countries and the UK, yopu can find out more information over at VMW’s website at the link below.

Source BMW

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