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BlackBerry-Like ‘Clicks’ Keyboard Shipping for More iPhone Models Soon

The company behind the new “Clicks” physical keyboard accessory for the iPhone says it will soon start shipping for a few more models.

In an email shared by Parker Ortolani on Threads this week, the company said the iPhone 15 Pro version of the keyboard will begin shipping to customers worldwide by April 15. And on the Clicks website, the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max versions of the keyboard are estimated to ship by April 30 and May, respectively.

Clicks started shipping the iPhone 14 Pro version of the keyboard in February, and this is the only model that has arrived to customers so far. The keyboard was first announced in early January, ahead of the annual CES tech conference.

Inspired by the once-popular BlackBerry smartphone, Clicks is both a physical keyboard and a case for the iPhone. The keyboard connects to the iPhone’s USB-C or Lightning port, and it features dedicated keys for emoji and dictation, backlit keys, and a pass-through charging port. Wireless charging is still supported through the case.

Clicks Keyboard iPhoneClicks Keyboard iPhone
One advantage of using a physical keyboard with an iPhone is a full-screen experience, as the on-screen keyboard does not appear. There are also keyboard shortcuts, such as CMD-H to return to the Home Screen and CMD-Space to open Spotlight.

The obvious downsides of the keyboard are the added size and weight, but there is a niche market of physical keyboard fans who are willing to put up with these compromises to have an old-school BlackBerry-like typing experience.

Clicks was co-founded by well-known tech personalities “MrMobile” and “CrackBerry Kevin.” The keyboard starts at $139 in the U.S., and it is offered in London Sky and BumbleBee color options. It has silicone on the front, and vegan leather on the back. The keyboard is currently sold out, with the company accepting reservations for future availability.

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