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Best Windows Software for Cleaning Up Internet History

Your browser records your browsing history, cookies, website cache, download history, sessions, site preferences, passwords, autocomplete entries, and much more as you use different browsers to access the internet.  An internet browser’s history can be easily deleted. You go to the history section and delete everything (such as cookies, passwords, and browsing history).

So why would you require a cache and history cleaner for your browser?

An instrument that enables one-click cleanup is a browser history cleanser and cache eraser. Cookies aren’t necessary to hunt you down, are they? You’ll need a quick and easy browser cleaner to make sure all the junk that’s kept in your browser folder is gone. There are many options available to you. Let’s talk about the finest tools for clearing the cache and history of your browser.

Why Use File Erasure Software?

You may be questioning why you would require file erasing software when the surfing history can be wiped using a web browser. The foolproof method to completely remove any form of data (including browser data) from your PC or Mac is to use file erasure software. A file erasing programme overwrites the data once or several times using complex algorithms. Data recovery software cannot recover the information because of the overwriting, which renders the data unrecoverable.

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You require safe and effective file erasure software to make sure that all surfing history is permanently erased from the browser. There are numerous different file erasing programmes on the market. We include some of the best programmes to delete internet browser history to make your search easier.

Best Software for Erasing Browser History

1. BitRaser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser is a secure and effective file erasing programme that may be used to completely remove data from the computer, including files, directories, software traces, vacant space, and Internet browser history. You can schedule the erasing procedure without doing it manually every time.

A tamper-proof data eraser certificate is also produced by the software. This gives you the reassurance that the work was completed effectively and aids in meeting data protection standards.

It complies with important data protection laws including SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc. and supports 17 international data erasing standards. It is available for Windows and Mac systems.

2. Eraser

An effective data deletion tool called Eraser may completely erase all of the data on your computer, including surfing history. You can schedule your erasing activities using the software.

A number of data erasing procedures are also supported by Eraser, including the 35 passes Gutmann method, which overwrites the data 35 times. Any type of data can be permanently erased with this method, however it can be time-consuming.

3. Blancco File Eraser

The Blancco File Eraser deletes data from your system, including files, directories, unused space, and surfing history. You can also create a certificate of erasure using the software, which will guarantee that the erasure operation was completed successfully.

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It has an easy drag and drop tool to speed up the erase process. Additionally, it complies with all significant global file erasing standards and algorithms.

4. WipeDrive

WipeDrive is a bootable file erasure utility that completely removes all types of files from your computer, including surfing history. You must first burn WipeDrive to an external USB drive or other storage medium before using it on your computer.

You can also create an erasure certificate using this software. It holds the sole EAL4+ certification for file erasing software from NIAP.

5. CCleaner

Another software for Windows that cleans up browser history is CCleaner. It works with a variety of web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and others. You have a variety of customization choices to remove browsing history for each of these web browsers. You can choose to enable or disable internet cache, cookies, sessions, last download location, recently typed URLs, temporary internet files, saved form preferences, compact databases, and much more.

6. Clean Master

Another tool to delete your browser’s history is delete Master. It is compatible with a wide range of well-known web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, and others. As soon as you activate it, it immediately starts scanning your system and displaying all the superfluous stuff that has to be erased. The scanning procedure will take some time since it scans your complete system. You can view the specifics of the garbage files by clicking on any of the internet browsers. You may also view any garbage files on your computer and visit their location in addition to this. Additionally, you can remove each browser’s browsing history separately. Additionally, before deleting, you can ignore files.

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Your important information is shielded from intrusive breaches when the browsing history is routinely deleted. Your surfing history data can be securely erased using a file erasure programme, keeping it safe from danger. This article clarifies the significance of data deletion. It also talks about the best programmes for erasing Internet surfing history. This will assist you in selecting the best file erasing programme for your requirements.


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