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Best Apple iPhone 15 Pro Cases: The Ultimate Guide

Apple has recently announced the iPhone 15 Pro, which is one of the latest models of the iPhone 15 series. The new iPhone is quite exciting as it comes with a significant change; Apple has opted for Titanium instead of stainless steel for its build. This change makes the iPhone 15 Pro more durable and lighter in weight, making it the lightest “Pro” iPhone ever made by Apple.

Although the phone is more resilient, buying a new case or two for your iPhone 15 Pro is still advisable for extra protection. To help you find the best case for your new iPhone, we have compiled a list of the top Apple iPhone 15 Pro cases available in the market. This list will be updated throughout the year as more cases become available.

Best Clear Case: ESR Classic Series

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This is the best clear case that you can buy for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro right now. It has a price tag of around $19, making it pretty inexpensive too. This case does have the MagSafe ring included, so you’re able to use this with your favorite MagSafe chargers and other accessories with ease. With the MagSafe ring being included, it makes it a lot easier to use with MagSafe products, and it will also be stronger.

ESR promises military-grade drop protection on their Classic Case. We have not actually tested this out ourselves, since we aren’t trying to break out phones. But this is a really good feature to have for those that need some added protection. It includes Air Guard corners that will absorb the shock so that your phone doesn’t have to.

One of the problems that a lot of clear cases have is that they will start to turn yellow over time. ESR claims that this case is yellowing-resistant, though we haven’t been able to test that out just yet since the iPhone 15 Pro has only been out for a couple of months so far.

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Best Textured Case: ZAGG London Snap

Screenshot 2023 09 14 at 12 10 05 PMScreenshot 2023 09 14 at 12 10 05 PM

The ZAGG London Snap is a really great-looking case for the iPhone 15 Pro. However, it is a bit on the pricey side, with a regular price of $49.99. But let me tell you, it is worth the price. It’s a stunning case from ZAGG that also offers up to 13 feet of drop protection and has the MagSafe magnet built-in. While the case does look fairly thick, it’s actually pretty thin, especially for what it is offering here.

ZAGG is using Graphene in their new cases, including the London Snap; what this means is that your case is more durable while also being lighter. Graphene is one of the hardest materials on earth, so when you drop your phone in the ZAGG London Snap, you’re going to experience no damage to your phone. Unless it’s more than a thirteen-foot drop.

This is arguably one of my favorite cases for the iPhone 15 Pro, and ZAGG does sell it in a ton of different colors. Which includes Gray Geo, Dusty Rose, Black Geo, Floral Teal, and Navy. It’s a good-looking case that is still going to do a fabulous job at protecting your phone, and that’s what we all want.

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Best Thin Case: Spigen Liquid Air Armor


Spigen makes a load of different cases for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, as well as virtually every other phone on the market. And the Spigen Liquid Air Armor has always been a favorite, for many years actually. There are three big reasons for that, the price, how thin it is, and how protective it is.

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For a case that is so thin, you wouldn’t really expect that the Spigen Liquid Air Armor would be as protective as it is, but it is. Spigen claims that they have dropped the iPhone 15 Pro in the Liquid Air Armor case twenty-six times from a drop height of four feet. Now, that might not seem like a big drop; however, if it is falling out of your hand, that’s about the average height that it’s going to fall. Don’t forget that this case is just .07 inches thick. So it’s super thin and won’t add a lot of bulk to your iPhone 15 Pro.

What’s also great about this case is the texture that it adds. Spigen not only adds texture to the back of the case, but also the sides. So it is less likely to slip and fall out of your hands. That’s super important these days, with how slippery phones are. Especially the Titanium iPhone 15 Pro.

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Best Leather Case Alternative: Apple FineWoven Case

Screenshot 2023 09 14 at 12 16 16 PMScreenshot 2023 09 14 at 12 16 16 PM

Apple’s new FineWoven case is the replacement for its leather cases, and I’ll be honest, leather is still better. But Apple is all about the environment, and leather isn’t great for the environment. These FineWoven cases do look really nice. However, we’ve seen that they do not hold up as well as leather cases. A big reason for that is because Leather cases look better as they age. They get a unique patina. Something that Apple’s new FineWoven cases do not add.

What is FineWoven? According to Apple, these cases are made from durable micro twill, which has a soft suede-like material. It was made from 68 percent post-consumer recycled content and significantly reduced carbon emissions. So, if you want to help out the environment, this is the way to go.

Apple does sell the FineWoven case in five colors: black, evergreen, pacific blue, mulberry and taupe. If you’re hoping that these FineWoven cases will stand the test of time better than Apple’s older Leather cases, you’re going to be deeply disappointed unfortunately.

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Nomad Modern Leather Case

best iphone 15 pro casebest iphone 15 pro case

Nomad’s leather cases are some of my favorite cases for the iPhone. And I really wish the company made cases for more phones – like the Google Pixel 8. These cases are really good because they are available in modern leather and horween leather. The horween leather comes from Chicago and will take a bit longer to patina versus the modern leather. It’s also a bit more expensive at $70 versus the $50 for the modern leather case.

I’ve used this case on my iPhone 12 Pro, 13 Pro, and 14 Pro over the last few years. This year, I decided to try out another leather case – the Andar Aspen – after hearing lots of good things about it. But that doesn’t mean that Nomad’s is no longer good, quite the opposite.

Nomad offers its leather case in three colors: black, brown, and English Tan. If you really want to see the patina, you’re going to want to get the Brown or English Tan color. As the black color won’t show the patina as much.

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With Nomad, the leather doesn’t wrap around the phone. Instead, it is on the back only, with the sides being made of plastic. This isn’t a knock on Nomad, as this does make the leather case look better with its patina while also adding some grip. The buttons are also really good here, especially the new Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

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Best Rugged Clear Case: ZAGG Crystal Palace Snap

71sNTg9msWL AC SL150071sNTg9msWL AC SL1500

Many people love having a clear case on their phone. It allows them to show off the beautiful color of their phone, while also protecting it. This isn’t something I’m a fan of, but I can see why people love it so much. The ZAGG Crystal Palace Snap is a really good option for those who want a good clear case that is thin and offers MagSafe compatibility.

Like the majority of ZAGG’s other cases for the iPhone 15 Pro this year, it is made of Graphene, which allows it to have drop protection of up to thirteen feet. Graphene is the strongest material made on earth. Which, in turn, will allow the ZAGG Crystal Palace Snap to pick up the shock when your phone is dropped. All while keeping the phone case nice and slim.

ZAGG is also using its popular anti-yellowing technology on this case. That is a common problem with these clear cases. After several months, you will start to see them turn yellow, for various reasons. But with the ZAGG Crystal Palace Snap, that’s not going to happen, thankfully.

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Spigen Slim Armor CS

611xIfiehaL AC SL1200611xIfiehaL AC SL1200

While most of your cards are likely compatible with Apple Wallet and most places do take Apple Pay, there are still a few exceptions. So the Slim Armor CS case from Spigen will help you bridge that gap, since it does have a slot that can hold a couple of cards on your phone. All without making it obvious that you have a wallet case, nor having that flipping side of the case that a lot of wallet cases have – and I personally hate.

This is a Spigen case, so you know it’s built with quality. The top part of the back does have a nice texture, making it easier to hold. While the bottom side can slide right off to give you quick access to your credit cards or debit cards. It’s a good-looking wallet case that also provides military-grade protection.

Because this is a dual-layer case, it automatically makes it a more rugged case than some others on the market today. It does have the military-grade standard, so you can drop your phone in this case, and not be worried about it breaking. And that’s super important in 2023. This is one of my favorite cases since you can hide a couple of cards inside, and it is also pretty inexpensive at around $20.

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Best Silicone Case: ZAGG Manhattan Snap

best iphone 15 pro casebest iphone 15 pro case

The ZAGG Manhattan Snap case for iPhone 15 Pro is another one of my favorites. This is a silicone case, which ZAGG did mention to me that they had fixed one of the main issues with Apple’s Silicone cases. And that is the fact that they attract everything – dirt, dust, everything. And it’s true, the Manhattan Snap does a good job of not doing that.

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I’ve used the ZAGG Manhattan Snap on the iPhone 15 Pro Max off and on since it came out, and absolutely love this case. It is a bit thicker than I’d like for a Silicon Case. But we can’t forget that this does also have Graphene included, which helps to make this a more rugged case. ZAGG claims that it can withstand drops of up to thirteen feet. While I have not tested that myself, it does a good job at protecting your phone. With the raised lip for the screen, and another raised lip for the camera module.

ZAGG does sell the Manhattan Snap in a number of colors, including black, lavender, navy, peach, plum, red, sage, and sky blue. So there’s a color for everyone with the ZAGG Manhattan Snap.

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Best Cheap Silicone Case: elago Liquid Silicon Case

best iphone 15 pro casebest iphone 15 pro case

While ZAGG does have the best silicone case, if you’re looking to spend a bit less money on a case, the Elago Silicone Case is a really good option, and it is only $13. This case also comes in a ton of different colors that you can choose from. These include stone, Alpine Green, Aqua Sky, Black, Brown, and Burgundy, among many others. Currently, there are over 30 different options for colors.

The Elago Silicone Case is actually a pretty stunning case. The stone colors look absolutely stunning on the natural titanium iPhone 15 Pro. It is also scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. Unlike some other silicone cases out there, Elago also makes it easy to clean. So getting dirt and dust on this case isn’t going to be a big deal.

There are some raised edges for this case, to protect your screen, as well as the camera module. Inside the case is a micro-fiber lining which is going to help you keep your phone protected while it’s in the case. As it won’t scratch the phone. And that’s always good to see.

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Best Kickstand Case: ZAGG Denali Snap

best iphone 15 pro casebest iphone 15 pro case

The new ZAGG Denali Snap case does a couple of things really well. First off, this is a rugged case with a nice texture on the back. So it’s not going to fall out of your hands easily. Secondly, it has a kickstand built-in. Making it great for use on the go. I’ve used this case for a couple of trips this fall, and being able to put this on the tray table on the airplane to watch videos is a great feeling. Of course, there are some other MagSafe products you can buy that can do the same thing, having it built into the case is just so much better.

This case actually has a larger drop protection than other ZAGG products for the iPhone 15 Pro. This one is able to do drop protection for up to sixteen feet. This is thanks to Graphene and this being a dual-layer case. Graphene is the hardest material on earth, so it can really do a good job of protecting your phone from a drop. And it is a dual-layer case means that there is more space for the case to absorb impact before it goes to the iPhone.

ZAGG does sell the Denali Snap in three colors for the iPhone 15 Pro. That includes Navy, Black, and Rust. It’s not the most colorful case on the market, but it’s definitely a good option.

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